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Jed Miller – Long Beach Personal Trainer

Long Beach Personal Trainer Jed Miller
I’m Fitness Professional Jed Miller, creator of the Level 9 Long Beach Personal Training System. In your quest to find a personal fitness program that will truly give you the attention and commitment required to help you meet your fitness goals I encourage you to try Level 9 Personal Training.

Level 9 Personal Training works 100% of the time for those who follow the system correctly.



1-on-1 Personal Training

Level 9 Outdoor Personal Training in Long Beach CA is the perfect training solution for anyone who wants to get in shape fast, while enjoying beautiful scenery outdoors.  This sharp contrast the stuffy gym or health clubs environment provides a fresh approach to getting fit.  If you’re looking for something different this is it.  Your results are guaranteed when you follow your personal training program.  Step out of your comfort zone and you’ll never regret it.  No more excuses!

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Group Exercise Fitness Classes & Boot Camp

If you’re more of a “group-ex” type of person Level 9 Boot Camp is a perfect group fitness solution.  By training with like-minded, motivated people you’ll have the feeling of team work and total support from your training instructors as well as your fellow boot campers.   Most Level 9 Boot Camps and Semi-Private training is held outdoors in Long Beach CA.  Group training can also be combined with 1-on-1 personal training for added benefits.  There’s no on-size-fits-all approach to fitness training.   Learn moreRequest a Trial



In Home Personal Fitness Training (Including Apartment & Condo Gyms)

Level 9 In Home Personal Training is a service for those clients who prefer having their trainer come to them.  If you’d rather have your trainer make house calls or have limitations that don’t allow you to train outdoors at the park your trainer will train you at your home or apartment/condo gym.  Level 9 makes it easy to become fit and healthy with In Home Personal Fitness Training and Development.  Jed Miller has trained in just about all of the downtown Long Beach Condos and apartments and his adaptive style allows him to work in any environment and make the most of his surroundings.   Learn moreRequest a Trial



Partner Fitness Training (2 Person Max)

Try Partner Fitness Training if you’ve got a friend, relative or co-worker with similar fitness goals to yours.  You’ll keep each other motivated while exercising together and you’ll spend less of your hard earned money compared to Individual Personal Training.  Some studies suggest that partner fitness training can increase overall results in a six week period by up to 50%.  Add a competitive vibe to your workouts by inviting a friend.  You might just surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in partner fitness training with Jed Miller and Level 9 Personal Training.  Learn moreRequest a Trial





YOU’LL GET AMAZING RESULTS with your Long Beach Personal Trainer. He or she will utilize controlled intensity dynamic personal fitness training 1-on-1 or in  group Boot Camps in Long Beach. The Level 9 Mixed Method Muscle Confusion exercise techniques are proven to bring fast results safely, without ever stepping foot in a gym or health club. We’re primarily focused on outdoor personal training with minimal equipment and a huge focus on individual body weight exercises.  Level 9 is all about helping people become healthy,  fit and functional, one personal training or boot camp session at a time.  The Level 9 Personal Training style is totally unique and it has been proven time after time that IT REALLY WORKS, FAST. From beginner to advanced – Everyone succeeds at Level 9!


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PHYSICAL FITNESS EXCELLENCE (a cut above the rest)

L9 Personal Trainers proudly provide 1-on-1 Private Personal Training, Outdoor Personal Training, In Home Fitness Training, Boot Camps and Traveling Trainer services in Long Beach CA, and our extended network includes Orange County and Los Angeles County.  Level 9 Personal Training is your one-stop fitness solution with a track record to prove it!


Facts About Level 9 Personal Training Programs:

You will work hard for your results.  Your Personal Trainer will personalize your fitness training program.  You will be held accountable for following your program.  Your Personal Trainer will respect you, but take you out of your comfort zone. You will meet and exceed your fitness goals. Your Personal Trainer will be with you every step of the way. YOU and Your Personal Trainer will Succeed Together.

BOTTOM LINE: You want to transform your body, that’s exactly why you’ve found this website.
With so many Success Stories this program is a sure thing.  All you have to do is Show Up and Work Hard for 55 Minutes at a Time.  YOU CAN DO THIS!


IMPORTANT :  Only Join Level 9 Fitness If You’re Ready To:

  • Put aside your doubts and trust the system that always works
  • Find out how strong you really are
  • Feel the pride that only comes from doing your best
  • Stay committed to your program
  • Give 100% effort at every session
  • Work hard to be in the Best Shape of Your Entire Life