90803 Boot Camp Long Beach

90803 Boot Camp Long Beach

Level 9 90803 Boot Camp sessions are your complete group ex program. Easily schedule a trial Boot Camp Long Beach session to see what the program has to offer. L9 boot camps in 90803 are designed for all fitness levels.



WHY 90803 Boot Camp

It’s great for anyone who’s ready to reshape their body and build a new physique in 60 days. There’s a more extreme 90 day program at Bluff Park too. Both programs are offered as group fitness or 90803 personal trainer program for a more comprehensive personal training experience. Bluff Park offers ocean views while you exercise…a sharp contrast from the views at your local health club or gym. At Level 9 we understand that making a decision to join a boot camp or group exercise class isn’t easy and we’re committed to making your Level 9 boot camp training experience one you’ll never forget. We have a proven track record for helping people meet their fitness goals in Long Beach CA.  Join our next Boot Camp at Bluff Park or at a private location in Long Beach.

This intense, results producing 90803 boot camp group training system was first introduced by Jed Miller Boot Camp Long Beach CA. By using a training method called L9 MIXED METHOD MUSCLE CONFUSION (M3C) we will effectively confuse your muscles, while never allowing your body to adapt to any specific workout routine or series of exercise movements. This means your 90803 boot camp will keep your body guessing, as we raise the intensity level each week. This training method produces results for our Bluff Park training clients in Long Beach CA. Our track record proves it! 90803 and 90802 boot camps are in Belmont Shore and near downtown Long Beach CA.  You can assemble your own group of friends or co-workers and request a new private Boot Camp class up to four times per week. Most Level 9 outdoor group fitness exercise training classes and boot camps are held at Livingston Park, Long Beach CA 90803 and Bluff Park, Long Beach CA 90803.


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