Covid-19 Coronavirus Updates Long Beach California

No words will do justice to everyone’s individual experience over the last couple weeks.

The Level 9 Fitness mission remains the same:

Health, Fitness and Longevity, but now with additional Caution and Safety.



  Outdoor Programs continue as scheduled

 Any active trainee who cancels a session for sickness Must Be Covid-19 Tested, and found negative, before returning to their training program

  Indoor and In-Home programs are paused

  New Sign-Ups for Outdoor Training are limited to scheduling availability



  • 1-ON-1 Personal Training only, no groups
  • Medical grade latex gloves provided
  • All equipment wiped with sanitizer between each session
  • Trainees can only use their own exercise mat
  • 6+ Feet distance will be maintained between trainer and trainee
  • 6+ Feet proximity will be maintained from all people in the surrounding area
  • Upon request, any 1:1 program can be modified to 100% mat-based training with no equipment


Basic Precautions Everyone Should Be Taking:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces every 2 hours
  • Always cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or towel
  • In public, keep as much distance from others as possible
  • Avoid any and all physical contact with anyone who is sick



How Can I Help My Long Beach California Community During this Pandemic?

Go to:  https://californiavolunteers.ca.gov/get-involved/covid-19/


Are Coronavirus Tests Available in Long Beach California

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the White House, there is a massive effort to make Covid-19 testing available across the country. Long Beach CA Coronavirus testing is available in limited quantities in hospitals as well as some private testing centers.


Should I wear a Mask to Protect Against Covid-19?

It seems that most Long Beach CA residents are not wearing masks when in public places, which correlates with the CDC recommendations. According to the CDC you should not purchase and wear a ventilator mask unless you’re experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19. Ventilator masks are in short supply and all immediate resources should go to those infected with the virus, or think they may have been exposed.


Who is at High Risk for Coronavirus?

  • Seniors 65 and up
  • People with compromised immune systems
  • People who have Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung Disease, Asthma


Does Coronavirus Attack Certain Blood Types More Harshly?

This seems to be the case, but we don’t have blood type information specifically on those infected with Coronavirus in Long Beach CA.

Looking at all information available, type A seems to be the most vulnerable, while type O seems to have lower risk of severe symptoms and death.

See this sciencefocus.com article for more info


Is there a Coronavirus Vaccine in Long Beach California?

At this time there is not a Coronavirus vaccine in Long Beach CA, but the FDA approval process has been streamlined exponentially to make a vaccine available. Soon all major US cities should have access to a Covid-19 vaccine.



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