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    I’ve noticed my body changing. It was becoming much harder for me to lose weight and keep my desired physique . I have never been a big fan of going to the gym which is why finding Jed was a life saver!

    Nikki A
    Restaurant Owner

    With a busy travel schedule and a physically demanding career, staying in shape is tough. Training with Jed gives me the endurance required while on the job and the cut physique I need when swimming with sharks in LA. Get outdoors and train with Jed, you won’t regret it.

    Luke Tipple
    TV Host / Activist

    I can’t say enough good things about training with Jed. He has definitely pushed me further than I thought I could go. I always feel accomplished after the end of our sessions and of course that post-workout endorphin high doesn’t hurt either!

    Heidi B
    Educator / World Traveler


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    6 Pack Abs - Develop Perfect 6 Pack Abs

    6 Pack Abs – Develop and Uncover


    Did you know that you already have 6 pack abs?  The problem most people are up against when they set out to develop a ripped, visible  6 pack abs is that they have a layer of body fat (some thicker than others) that’s covering up the abdominal muscles.  Crunches, planks, boats and sit-ups are only part of the solution to great abs.  Lower body fat is truly the key to 6 pack abs.


    Focusing on one single area, ABS or elsewhere  will never promote fat loss in only that part of your body.  Your body doesn’t work that way.  This means that focusing on ab specific workouts like crunches and sit ups doesn’t do a whole lot to specifically contribute to the appearance of 6 pack abs.  Hundreds of crunch will not force fat loss in only that specific area.  This means that you should work on your whole body equally, not just 6 pack abs.



    Basic 6 Pack Abs Recommendations

    For 6 Pack Abs I Recommend:

    • Intense Total Body Workouts 4 to 6 Times Per Week
    • 3 Days of Solid Cardio Such As Jogging or Cycling
    • 6 Pack Abs Specific Workouts 3 to 5 Days Per Week
    • Ultra Clean Nutrition Daily With 1 Cheat Day Per Week


    If you think working with a personal trainer is your fastest avenue
    to 6 pack abs and you live in Long Beach, Los Angeles or Orange County
    let’s meet so I can personally get you get started. –> FREE FITNESS EVALUATION


    Tons of Crunches, Sit-Ups & Planks?

    Sometimes a new personal training client will start a program with me and say “Can we do a lot of crunches and sit ups so I can have a 6 pack?” They (and you) might not realize that having a pronounced washboard stomach has everything to do with body fat percentages and far less to do with doing 100 crunches a day.

    Your body will lose fat from workouts that increase your metabolism,  This happens during your workouts but mostly during recovery (healing) which happens for 24 to 48 hours after each total body workout.

    Total body workouts that send you into “Fat Burning Mode” is the answer to total body fat loss.  Cardio workouts can certainly help you on your mission to lose fat in the mid-section but resistance workouts like my Long Beach Personal Training programs will work even better because countless studies show that intense resistance training works better for fat loss than cardiovascular workouts like jogging.  Your best bet is to do both for a total of 5 to 6 workouts per week alternating between resistance exercises and cardio.

    Always remember that a sensible meal plan will play a huge role in losing fat so you can have visible 6 Pack Abs.


    In Health,

    Jed Miller | Fitness Professional


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    Long Beach Muscle Confusion Personal Trainer Jed Miller

    Fitness Tips From Jed Miller


    Use these 3 tips!  I give you this info because I want you to succeed in meeting your health and fitness goals and maintaining good health for lots of years.  These are fitness tips, not torture.  Give it a try.  Commit to these basic changes in your life for 30 days and then take stock on how you feel, look and perform.

    1. Write everything down.  Keep 2 journals: 1 for food and 1 for workouts.  Be strict with this.  Hold yourself 100% accountable.
    2. Make working out a MUST, not a SHOULD.
    3. Find a workout buddy who is more motivated than you.


    Want extra motivation and support?  Try working with a Long Beach Personal Trainer.  Your trial session is free and there’s no obligation to buy.

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    PRIVACY GUARANTEE: We HATE SPAM too. Your info is safe.
    FREE TRIALS Apply to Outdoor Programs ONLY


    Bodyweight Exercises - Jed Miller - Long Beach Personal Trainer

    Best Bodyweight Exercises to Increase Muscle Mass

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    Long Beach Spin Classes

    Are Long Beach spin classes in a good way to supplement workouts with a Long Beach personal trainer? Well, that depends.  I’ve been certified in indoor cycling so I’m well aware of the benefits.  While indoor cycling is a good source of cardio spinning alone isn’t a complete fitness program, no matter how often you do it.  There are plenty of gyms and health clubs in Long Beach that offer multiple classes each day but a “Double Day” should include a resistance workout and some form of cardiovascular exercise, not two Long Beach spin classes.  It’s not a stand-alone solution to developing a functionally fit body but it might be a good addition to your program if you truly enjoy it.

    Long Beach Spin Classes to Get Your Heart Pumping!

    Level 9 Fitness Preferred Indoor Cycling

    Kick It Up

    Indoor cycling classes, dance and lots of other great classes for the whole family.

    8129 E Wardlow Rd Long Beach, CA 90808


    24 Hour Super Sport

    A fairly full schedule of cycling classes. As with all gym spinning classes some instructors are better than others. Ask for an extended free trial pass so you can ‘try before you buy’ and find an instructor you love.

    3030 N Bellflower Blvd Long Beach, CA 90808


    CSULB Student Recreation & Fitness Center

    The perfect place for CSULB students and alumni to attend Long Beach spin classes. Great facility with far more than just indoor cycling.

    1401 Palo Verde Ave Long Beach, CA 90815



    Are Spin Classes Right for Your Goals?

    I have all types of clients with lots of different fitness goals.  Some of my personal training clients in Long Beach want to lose weight, while others want to tone up and sculpt their body.  There are others who train for general health, balance, flexibility…the list goes on and on.  Some train 5 or 6 times per week while others train only 1 or 2 sessions for maintenance.  The one thing they all have in common is they need to stay active when they’re not training with me.

    Attending Long Beach spin classes 2 to 4 times per week will give you a good cardiovascular workout, while indoor cycling also challenges the leg muscles.  People who only spin Always Plateau at some point.  That’s a fact.  This happens because there’s not enough variety from one workout to the next to confuse your muscles and force continued development.

    Spinning classes certainly aren’t at the top of my “Must Do” exercise list.  I suppose can be fun, if you like sitting in one place for a long time and pretending to go up and down imaginary hills as the minutes trickle by at a snails pace.  Have you ever noticed how the Spinning Gurus can ride like lightning but they usually look just like the newest person in the class? The exceptions to this rule are people who do other workouts. Granted, spinning is good cardio,  but there are plenty of ways to achieve cardiovascular conditioning with way less effort in about half the time of a 1 hour spin class.


    Spinning and Other Cardio

    Spinning, running and other “straight Cardio” exercise can actually speed up the aging process.  What!?  Yes, it’s true,  long drawn out cardio sessions can accelerate the aging process by drastically increasing the release of free radicals in your body during and long after your workout.   I promote smart training and spin isn’t the best use of your time in the gym.  If you just Love Spinning keep at it but be sure to engage in a complete fitness program. I’d say take a look at outdoor cycling before you put yourself in a room with 30 sweaty people inside a gym.


    Long Beach Spin Classes Benefits

    The heart muscle will stay strong but your legs, core and arms will eventually reach a point of “readiness”, no matter what the instructor throws at you.  Plus most spinning instructors in Long Beach and elsewhere get settled into a routine they’re comfortable with.  This is okay for the newbies (for a while) but the problem here is that their regular spin clients get the same workout over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month.  The result is that you’ll train your body to do one thing well- Ride a bike for a long time.

    Spin and other indoor cycling workouts are way too one dimensional to be your only source of exercise.  As a supplemental workout I think spinning, running, elliptical training and other forms of cardio are worth looking into.  If you’re not sure what spin studio or health club to go to ask me.  I’m happy to help!



    When is the best time to exercise?


    The best time to exercise is a time that you know you can stick with and form a pattern.

    Long term results come from long term habits so pick a time you know you can fully commit to.

    Early Morning: There’s actually no reliable evidence that proves calories are burned more efficiently at any certain times of day, despite the fact that many people think that exercising early is a key to getting great results.  Early morning cardio or resistance training sessions on an empty stomach can put you in s state of ketosis, meaning your body will burn stored fat for energy, instead of digested food because you haven’t eaten yet.  This can be risky and not all people can perform well (or at all) on an empty stomach.  Use Caution.

    Mid to Late Morning: This can be a great time to exercise because if you’re eating properly you’ve already had 2 small meals or 1 meal and 1 snack.  Your breakfast will power you through your workout and energy levels are generally high for most active people.

    Mid Day to Early Afternoon: Much like a mid-morning workout you’ll be timing your workout so your most recent meal will give you energy and power.  This means you need to allow time for digestion before your workout.  Some people love to exercise mid-day because they feel the best mental focus.  To increase your focus you can also have green tea pre-workout.

    Late Afternoon to Evening: The thinking here is that you’ll burn off all those unwanted calories you’ve been consuming all day.  While this can work your primary goal for exercising should never be to make up for bad choices you’ve made during the day.  Stay on a clean nutrition plan and you’ll never be “covering your tracks” with a workout.

    Side Note: I do my workouts mostly at night, sometimes doubles mid-day and evening.  I prefer later workouts because at the end of my super busy work days my workouts are a way for me to clear my head.  So for me the timing of workouts has to do with mental advantages more than physical.


    Questions about this post or anything related to fitness?  Contact me

    Keep Pressing Forward!

    Jed Miller

    Goal Specific Personal Training

    In life, the most successful people always seem to have a clear understanding and vision…









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