Personalized Workout Programs

Don’t just wing it when you’re away from your Personal Trainer. Keep getting results by exercising on your own! Get your very own personalized individual workout program designed by a professional. A unique personalized exercise program can make the difference between continuing on a path to results or playing catch up when you meet with your personal trainer after a break.

Each personalized exercise program is designed with a client’s goals, abilities and areas for improvement taken into consideration.  Customized workouts are carefully designed with weight and resistance requirements taken into consideration.

Take advantage of these very special offers:


Option A – 1 Personalized Workout $25 – Perfect for those who just need a single workout to fill in a gap between training sessions.  Your single workout will be designed around your goals, abilities and fitness level. (Allow 24 hours from request to delivery) >I Want Option A

Option B- 2 Personalized Interchangeable Workouts $40 – Great Value!  Ideal for those who will need more than a single workout. The 2 workouts provided are interchangeable and exercises can be mixed  and matched for four or more unique workouts. (Allow 48 hours from request to delivery) >I Want Option B

Option C- 6 Personalized Unique Workouts $100 – Best for continued results. All 6 workouts are completely unique which provides the ideal level of muscle confusion for optimum results. Package C can also be purchased in bulk for additional savings. (Allow 3 to 4 days from request to delivery) >I Want Option C


Benefits of Personalized Workouts

  • Designed just for you, based on your individual goals
  • Customized to tie in perfectly with your efforts with a Personal Trainer
  • Great for those who travel often and want to continue getting results
  • Perfect solution if you’re on a tight budget but require a professionally designed fitness program
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