CARNIVORE DIET EXPERIMENT – 30 Days of Nothing but Meat

Carnivore Diet Experiment

I’ve uncovered some great information about the carnivore diet health benefits and potential risks in my blog post a few days ago. While researching for that post I also made a decision to live the carnivore diet, instead of just writing about it. As a trusted Personal Fitness Trainer I need to be able to speak about the carnivore diet from first hand experience.

It’s important to add a female to the 30 day experiment. I asked Angie, a VIP Client and friend to join. She accepted my invitation into the unknown territory of carnivore dieting.We]ve set our own set of rules which for the most part, will keep us in line with a true carnivore diet. We did build in some safety measures just in case either of us find ourselves in a risky situation. Safety first.


1 Male subject and  Female subject

Our rules:

  • No food quantity measurements, eat until content
  • Menu, meat, poultry, fish 4 to 5 times per day
  • Eggs 1 to 2 times per day
  • Tons of water
  • 1 to 2 big cups of coffee per day
  • No Greens unless 8/10 cravings
  • No Fruit unless blood sugar levels become alarmingly low
  • Whey Protein shakes post-workout only
  • Supplements as usual- fish oil, oxygen cleanse, BCAAs, fat burner, etc


About the numbers: We’re not intending to provoke changes in our body, we’re simply sampling a nutritional shift to gather information. Generally speaking a weight loss goal requires lots of math and numbers tracking related to foods, calories and quantities. On the Carnivore experiment we’re actually doing more of a big picture trial. So we’ll be eating to feel content, with no regard for actual calorie counts or any number tracking.

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We’re planning our official launch early 2018.

We plan to keep detailed records of our experience.

We’re particularly interested in:

  • mental response: short-term and long-term memory, concentration. We all know carbs fuel brain function so this could get interesting.
  • emotional response: we’ll be paying close attention to general mood, fluctuations, etc.
  • physical response: we’re looking at how we feel physically related to:
  1. strength
  2. explosive power output
  3. workout recovery
  4. energy patterns
  5. sleep patterns
  6. fat gains or losses
  7. muscle gains or losses

We’re set to start soon. Check back next week.

1 WEEK VIDEO – JED (coming soon)


1 WEEK VIDEO – ANGIE (coming soon)





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