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You Need a Personal Training Program that 'Fits You' Just Right.

Ready to get lean and strong, and just feel awesome? Level 9 fitness training programs are a sure-fire way to get you on track and keep forward momentum. 

Around 70% of Americans are classified as ‘Unfit’.

 You don’t belong in that category.

L9 programs give you:

Level 9 Personal Training and Boot Camps are challenging, no doubt about it.

But what matters most is you can do it!


Testimonials From Happy (and now fit) Members.

These awesome people were willing to put in the time and effort to make a Positive Change in their lives.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to help them along the way.


I feel 100% better… You encourage me to push myself so much harder then I would on my own and I appreciate you for that everyday! Thank you for being an amazing trainer and friend 🙂

Nicki A.

Long Beach


With a busy travel schedule and a physically demanding career, staying in shape is tough. Training with Jed gives me the endurance required while on the job and the cut physique I need when swimming with sharks in LA.

Luke Tipple

Los Angeles


Since I have started training with Jed he has definitely helped me to stay on the right path with proper nutrition and fitness. Within my first month of personal training I began to notice results. I have now lost inches off my mid-section and toned up.

Alma C

Alma C.

Belmont Shore


Just bought new jeans two sizes smaller after three weeks of classes. Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it! Surprisingly I’ve enjoyed some good laughs even during the hard sessions.

Solome Q Personal Training Client

Solome Q.

Belmont Heights

You Have Goals.

We Have Proven Personal Training Systems.


Safely drop more weight per week than the average fitness program.


Build lean muscle by lifting, pushing, pulling more today than yesterday.


Get an A+ from your Doc and feel energized, healthy and fit.


Learn exercises, methods, set structures and proper recovery for glute growth.


Maintaining mobility is key as we age. A youthful body is balanced and mobile.


Whether you want a 6-pack or to just improve how your body functions.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will unleash your inner athlete.


Expert assisted Marathon prep is the safest way to enter a long race.


Specialized IR training can get you back to 100% faster than you might expect.

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How many days per week should I work with my personal trainer?

It depends on how fast you want to get results and what fits your budget. Most people do extremely well with 3 to 6 personal training sessions per week.

Can I bring my spouse, friend or coworker?

Sure, you can sign up for partner fitness training and they can drop-in whenever.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes indeed. Word of mouth is still our favorite way to add personal training clients to our lineup. When people see the results you're getting they'll ask what your doing. Simple: Tell them about your trainer you'll get free sessions, even if they only buy a 3 pack.

How do I pay for my training sessions?

However you want. Cash, Plastic, Crypto. You can lock in a reduced rate if you choose monthly auto-pay. It shows a stronger commitment, plus it's just easier for you and your trainer.

Do you offer Online Personal Training?

Yes. Some members do a hybrid program with outdoor training + online. This works well for those who travel often but want to stay totally connected to their program.

Can you recommend supplements to go with my program?

Sure. Talk to your Doc before taking any supps. Then if green lighted we can help you decide what will enhance your personal training results.

Do you offer diet coaching?

Another topic to cover with your Doc first. Then we can look for a diet model that fits your likes, dislikes, eating habits, allergies, gut health, etc. There's no 'one size fits all diet'. It's about forming good habits, not following the latest fads.

Can I give this fitness training program to others as a gift?

Of course. The gift of health is such an awesome way to show someone you truly care about them.

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Imagine exactly how you’ll feel when you get into the best shape of your life. Personal fitness is a choice. Choose Level 9.

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