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I’d never even think about training with anyone else, Jed is the absolute best!!

5 Star Review

Jed is absolutely dedicated to what he’s does!! He loves what he does and it really shows when he’s training with you. As busy as he is, he always finds time to work around my hectic travel schedule, even last minute. Every workout has a new twist and he is always enthusiastic and energized from the first minute to the last. I’d never even think about training with anyone else, Jed is the absolute best!!




Jed really cares about each of his clients

5 Star Review


I can’t say enough good things about training with Jed. He has definitely pushed me further than I thought I could go. I always feel accomplished after the end of our sessions and of course that post-workout endorphin high doesn’t hurt either!

Jed really cares about each one of his clients. I like that he really wants everyone to succeed. You can tell that he isn’t in the business for the money but rather because he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

If you aren’t serious about making a change in your life then maybe you shouldn’t train with Jed because he will push you to the next level and not allow you to be lazy and complacent with your goals. The good thing is that Jed is never mean or harsh but rather positive and encouraging! He makes you feel like you can do it because YOU CAN!

I’ve been training with Jed for about a month and I already feel a lot more lean and strong. I’ve been getting compliments about my appearance and I’m starting to see a nice little cut in my abs that is definitely welcome! My clothes fit better and I feel a lot more confident!

Seriously, going to my sessions with Jed is the highlight of my week. It makes me feel healthy, strong, and in shape. Who doesn’t like feeling like that? You’ll definitely WORK in your sessions but you will also see and feel results.

Don’t hesitate to contact Jed! You, and your body, can thank me later.




Jed is completely focused on your goals

5 Star Review

Firstly I have trained in gym for many years, I’m very active however as I got older I got bored of the gym. I wanted To look for something different. I searched around for bootcamp in my area and came across Level 9. Me and a friend signed up With Jed for 3 months  3 times a week. I really enjoyed the workouts as it was completely different and new type of training that I have Not experienced before. I want to just say a few things about Jed’s training style. He is completely focused on your goals, he understands the body and how to push Past that threshold without injury and he gets results.

I could not believe the transformation i got within three months. I would definitely recommend Jed to anybody and everybody.

Gabe O.



Saw a difference after 5 workouts!

5 Star Review


I’ve been athletic and involved in sports and have been working out at the gym pretty consistently my whole life.  I felt like I was stuck in a routine that my body had become accustomed to and I was no longer seeing results.  I hired Jed to step it up a notch and get me into shape for my wedding.  He is exactly what I needed!  He’s attentive and is at my side counting every single rep.  I’ve had 5 workouts with him and already I see a difference!  I even had surgery on my leg and Jed developed a plan to just work my abs and arms while I was recovering.  He’s worth every penny!




Train with Jed, you won’t regret it

5 Star Review

With a busy travel schedule and a physically demanding career, staying in shape is tough. Training with Jed gives me the endurance required while on the job and the cut physique I need when swimming with sharks in LA.

Get outdoors and train with Jed, you won’t regret it.

Luke Tipple
TV Host / Activist / Marine Biologist  Twitter  Facebook



Always there when I need encouragement

5 Star Review

Nicki A

TEXT Message to JM: Just want to thank you so much for my workout tonight… I feel 100% better… You encourage me to push myself so much harder then I would on my own and I appreciate you for that everyday! Thank you for being an amazing trainer and friend 🙂


Eight week testimonial:

I have been pretty active throughout my life but as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed my body changing. It was becoming much harder for me to lose weight and keep my desired physique . I have never been a big fan of going to the gym which is why finding Jed was a life saver!
I have been working out with Jed for about 2 months now and have seen tremendous improvements in my body, there is still much work to be done but I have no doubt Jed will continue helping me to achieve my never ending and ever changing goals. He is always there when I need encouragement and he continues to reinforce all my hard work and efforts. I feel better about myself, have more energy and feel like I can accomplish anything with Jed Miller as my trainer. You will not be disappointed by this man!
Thank you for everything Jed!

Nicki A.



Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it!

5 Star Review

Salome Q

Just bought new jeans two sizes smaller after three weeks of classes. Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it! Surprisingly I’ve enjoyed some good laughs even during the hard sessions. I lost my cinnamon rolls and still working on my muffin top. The exercise has been a good distraction from a recent breakup too. I’m 55 years old but feel much younger again!




I have seen marked improvements in my physique

5 Star Review

Nikki B

Working full-time and being the mother of a 13 month old leaves very little time for me to concentrate on taking care of myself– and frankly it was beginning to show. My new year’s resolution was to tone up and lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight. In just a couple months of working out with Jed, I have seen marked improvements in my physique. Even others, including my husband, have commented on how toned I look now. Jed takes me through interesting and meaningful workouts that are planned around my busy schedule. He also created an easy to follow meal plan that has helped to boost my energy and get results faster. I appreciate that Jed doesn’t use the cookie cutter approach to personal training that you find in many gyms. I have recommended Jed to a number of friends – when you find something this good, you just can’t keep it to yourself.

Nikki B.



You put extra focus on the areas I want to work on

5 Star Review

Linda G

Hey Jed, training with you is always challenging and different.  I never know what to expect from one workout session to the next.  I guess that’s part of your method to make sure I never plateau.  You put extra focus on the areas I want to work on the most and I’m getting great results.  Now I want to set up a small group program for my friends because I know you’ll help them hit their goals too!

Linda G.



Loving the results

5 Star Review

Personal Training with Jed Miller has helped me to make health and fitness a priority for myself and my kids.  I’m loving the results.

Liz F.



Looking for a trainer? Jed is your guy!

5 Star Review

Initial review:

I’ve seen results working with Jed. I started in a free group class about a year ago. I’ve had both group bootcamp sessions and one-on-one training. I was inconsistent last year, but glad to be back in the saddle now. He has had classes outdoors at the beach (on the grass) which I enjoyed, and also in a park near Belmont Shore. I’ve really met some awesome people through the boot camp! I started going again this past month, getting a block of sessions to get a better deal. Jed now also has a work studio space which is local/downtown Long Beach which I like, because it’s close and I enjoy the music adding to the workout. I have been working out regularly the past 6 weeks, and have seen an increase in energy and feel/look better already. I know it will take more time to get where I want, but feel like I’m on my way! If you want a great trainer that will help you work out hard, but be flexible and not scare you where you don’t want to come back, I suggest Jed and Level 9 fitness!

I’m giving a 4 now, so that I can re-evaluate after consistent working out with Level 9.


Worked another month with Jed since my first rating.
I am updating Level 9 now to a 5 star rating.
He, Jed, has worked hard with me since January. Ask him yourself!
I’m stronger and continue to have better energy.
I think if u are looking for a trainer one-on-one with results,
Jed is your guy.




Fun, exciting and educational

5 Star Review


With an initial goal of losing weight, Jed helped me realize that my optimal goal should be achieving a maintained level of health. Nutrition, exercise and attitude all contribute to our lessons. Training is fun, exciting and educational.

Christina O.



Positive motivation in a soft but consistent manner

5 Star Review

Long Beach In-Home Personal Training

Awesome motivation and never any repetition. I signed up for many classes after seeing results in a few weeks. I am leaner but the best outcome of all is that I am stronger. Did not think that was possible ! The good thing about Jed is that he does not bully you into working our or put you down. It Is Positive motivation in a soft but consistent manner but at the same time firm.




I feel amazing

5 Star Review

Thanks Jed for all of your hard work getting me into shape. I have to say I not only look great, but I feel amazing. I have never worked out with a trainer before and it is well worth it. Someone told me last week that they did not even recognize me and it has only been 30 days. I look forward to my training sessions three times a week and now I feel as though I can do anything. Thanks Level 9.




Lost 30 pounds so far!

5 Star Review

I have been working out on and off for 20 years and recently had a medical illness that put me in the hospital for over 7 months not including gaining 40 lbs. I had a few impediments..for beginners; I was extremely weak, on lots of medication, have a bad knee, a trick shoulder that feels like it pops out of place, a poor diet (love anything fried) and am really stubborn. So, without saying, it was not just “staying in shape or losing a few lbs”. It was going to be a LIFESTYLE change.

I choose Jed because he didn’t buy into my load of excuses and showed me hope. Hope that I would regain my self image back and he promised to make as many changes as I needed to help get me to where I wanted to be, physically and to be able to maintain a healthy body on my own. The only thing he asked of me was my commitment 24hours a day everyday. Meaning, not eating 3 cheeseburgers, 2 pitchers of beer and chocolate cake after the workout.

Slowly, the lbs started falling off. It was really hard and it is still very hard to push my body beyond comfort. I started with a 10 session package, then after I realized how quickly my energy came back, I bought a larger package. I guess I was tired of avoiding the full length mirrors or dressing in the dark or maybe it was the enjoyment of wearing ill-fitted baggy clothes (sweat shirts, brother’s t-shirts, stretchy pants etc..) or looking in my closet and not being able to fit into ANYTHING, not one shirt, pant, tank top or bra (don’t mind that so much) Whatever it was, I had enough!

It is amazing the change! It almost seems when we train ,the workouts are different every time.That must be hard considering I train with him 5 days a week now. Thats right, 5 days a week!!.

One day its legs and back, the next day shoulders, arms and abs.. then push ups then planks then jump rope… (definately not boring).

Its almost like a drug….the feeling good, looking good thing. I truely recommend Level 9 Training to anyone of any level. If you have any doubt, come visit me while I train with Jed every morning and bring your cross trainers.




Never had results like I am seeing with Jed

5 Star Review

I have been working out for years with trainers, some good, some not so good. I have been training with Jed for 2 weeks and friends have noticed changes in my body. I have never had results like I am seeing with Jed and being a 35 year old guy, it has been harder to build muscles, especially quickly. Give Jed a try for 1 session and you will be hooked.




Jed is great at what he does

5 Star Review

I want to say something about me and Jed of Level 9; I consider myself a pretty average guy, living life, and trying not no admit I was a bit out of shape and getting another year older. I had a membership to a local big gym; workouts were non eventful, boring, and showed little results, if any. I became tired of the gym game, stopped going and thus avoided mirrors and bought XXL shirts. Enough about me. Now I joined a Level 9 fitness group with Jed Miller back around August 09, which eventually became an (affordable) individual session. All I can say is Jed is great at what he does. He works with me to make sure I get the physical results that are right for me. Since I have been training with him, my endurance and stamina has picked up 10-fold. I can actually touch my toes now, do push ups without straining, and more importantly, I am developing a stronger core with the specific and individual guidence of Jed as my trainer. Every session is always different and these differences bring results. Jed is not pushy, he is honest, sincere, and motivating. Many of my sessions with Jed, I reach my personal best, which just means I am healther-I am more fit.Thanks Jed!…Oh by the way, my XXL shirts are starting to fit me rather loose.




Jed is awesome!! You won’t be disappointed

5 Star Review

Hi, my name is Leanne and I have been a proud member of Level 9 Personal Training in Long Beach with Jed Miller, for at least 3 months now. After competing in sport throughout college, years ago, and getting older of course…I found that as some people would say, “I let myself go.” I drastically wanted to find a way to get back into shape without being stuck indoors at a gym. I was never a big gym fan! Then I met Jed Miller!!! Jed’s workouts are held outside, and all of the equipment (balance balls, arm and leg weights, discs, and jump ropes etc.) is provided…this was perfect for me. There’s no better way to get into shape than being outside, enjoying the sun in Long Beach.
During the first week, Jed and I set my goals. My main goal was to lose weight…and I have already lost at least 20lbs!!!!! But, not only did he help me lose the weight, he also assisted and supported me in “cleaning up” my not so good nutrition habits! My body looks better, toner, and most importantly I feel a lot better about myself. The workouts have made me feel more confident and ready to take on anything!!!!! It’s great to hear friends say…”Wow, you look great!!”
Jed’s workouts are intense and vary each time. During and after each workout, I felt body parts that I didn’t even know I had. Another positive is that you can easily learn the exercises, and do them on your own in the future. The workouts are very enjoyable and make me want to keep coming back for more!!!!

Jed is awesome!! You won’t be disappointed. If you are looking to get into shape, while also enjoy working out, you should be part of Jed’s workout program!!! THANKS JED!!!!!!!!!




You rocked my physical fitness world!

5 Star Review

Jenny M

Two week testimonial:

Working out with Jed has been an awesome experience so far. In just a couple of weeks I am already losing weight and feeling more alive. I never thought I would say that I look forward to working out, but since starting with Jed my mental attitude has changed completely. Along with being great at designing workouts, Jed is just a genuine guy who makes you feel comfortable and even laugh! He knows just when to cheer you on to get you to the end and because he cares so much, it makes you give it your all. Training with Jed has been one of the best choices I have made in my life. After working out in the evenings overlooking the gorgeous ocean, I sleep like a baby! I wake up earlier, feeling positive, strong and confident. More to come!

Exit testimonial:

I have completed 25 sessions with Jed. I’ve lost inches, toned up, but most importantly become strong! I am addicted to push-ups anytime of the day- in my office, at Lake Park in HB, even during Seinfeld commercial breaks! Jed helped me to keep my curves while achieving a healthy, balanced body again. He even found a protein powder derived from peas that works great with my vegetarian diet. Each session combined two of my favorite things- nature and fun! Bluff park is definitely a special place with good energy.

JM- thanks for the full body blasting pumps! Loved dangling off of park benches, jumping on curbs, and rolling across an ab ball I will never join a gym again….who needs a boring treadmill when there are trees, stairs, and even your own body weight to utilize. You rocked my physical fitness world! Stoked for summer dresses, Roxy bikinis, and bronze tans of course! I hope others will take the plunge into personal training…it’s pretty rad to get barefoot at the Bluff, be challenged, reach goals, and release those oh so good feeling endorphins!

Jenny M.



Beneficial to mind and body

5 Star Review

Jessica M

As a new mom I don’t really have a lot of time for myself. Training with Jed is not only beneficial to my body but to my mind as well. I get exercise and some me time all while enjoying the outdoors. Not only have I seen results quickly I have regained my energy and am back to my pre-baby weight.

Jessica M.



Jed Miller is Awesome!

5 Star Review

Tori M

As a girl dangerously approaching her 30s and desperately wanting her teenage body back, I decided it was time to get serious about getting back in shape. I’d been religiously doing pilates (see glowing review of Pilates by Allison) for about 5 months- and totally loving it, but I was seriously craving the butt-kicking workouts from back in my volleyball days. As it turns out, one of my favorite clients had just started personal training workouts with Jed at Level 9 and couldn’t say enough good things about him. I checked out his website, which is a wealth of information, and set up a consultation. I was totally hooked from the get-go. Jed is super cool and has an infectiously positive outlook. You can tell he obviously loves what he does and is so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. The workouts are fun and varied. You never know what to expect because he utilizes his surroundings so well to mix things up. The meal plan has a wide variety of options that’s really easy to follow, plus you get a cheat day (love those cheat days!). And he has totally affordable pricing. I’ve been working with him for 2 months now and I’m thrilled with the changes I’ve seen. I can fit into my old jeans again…YAY!!! But more importantly, I just feel healthier. I have way more energy and endurance and I feel so much stronger. I can’t sing enough praises for Jed. I’ve recommended him to practically everyone I know. He’s great at what he does. He’s fun and he makes working out fun…even when you look like a dork strapped in to ankle weights doing lunges up and down the sidewalk. He is the perfect complement for anyone looking to improve their health, no matter what shape you’re in now or what fitness goals you have.

Tori M.



Lost inches and toned up

5 Star Review

Alma C

Since I have started training with Jed he has definitely helped me to stay on the right path with proper nutrition and fitness. Within my first month of personal training I began to notice results. I have now lost inches off my mid-section and toned up. Not only do I look physically better, but I feel better and have more energy than ever before. Jed is a great trainer, no doubt about it!

Alma C.



Jed keeps me motivated

5 Star Review

Gabriela C

Jed is the best. He keeps me motivated and helps me stay disciplined with my workout routine and eating habits. I’ve been working out for years on my own and with other personal trainers and Jed has been able to keep every session fresh and new. I feel great!

Gabriela S.



Jed is great and I would definitely recommend him

5 Star Review

Mai T

My experience with Jed has been great. As a trainer, he takes the time to learn about my personal needs and body type and creates workout plans specifically targeted for me. His intensive, unique, and varying exercise routines make working out enjoyable and I look forward to it. He also works with me every step of the way with monitored meal plans to help me achieve my ideal body weight. Jed is great and I would definitely recommend him to everyone that is seeking a trainer. Thanks Jed!

Mai T.



I already look and feel tighter!

5 Star Review


TEXT Message to JM: Wow, just a handful of sessions and I already look and feel tighter! We stepped it up today and you knew just how far you could push me for a challenge without overdoing it – Thank you!

Lori M.



Look and feel better than I have in years

5 Star Review

Donna S

Although Jed seems to always be booked solid he somehow manages to make me feel like I’m his only client. I look and feel better than I have in years and I’m finally eating right, something my husband thought was impossible. Thanks a million and best wishes.

Donna S.



It is working!

5 Star Review

I should’ve gotten a personal trainer sooner, I admit it. When I looked in the mirror (which I rarely did) I kept saying I’d get back in shape soon. Well, “soon” turned into almost three years and about thirty pounds! So I finally searched for a trainer. I found Level 9 and I also found myself again. I’m exercising three times a week and actually enjoying it. Following their advice I’m setting goals (short term and long term) and it is working! I’m getting thinner and stronger. And I have energy without having to go to Starbucks four times a day.




Jed is more than I would have ever expected

5 Star Review

My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 was to get in shape and lose some weight. Isn’t that everyone’s resolution? Does anyone ever stick with it? I decided I was going to need some motivation to get me past the second week of the New Year. I started seeing Jed knowing I would work harder if I had someone pushing me. I have been seeing him for two months and have never been happier. I have realized from his personalized meal plans that eating well is not hard, you just need to know a few key tips on how to sustain a healthy, balanced diet in order to change your entire view on food. The workouts are exciting and different every session which help keep motivation up and boredom to a minimum. I never know what to expect and barely repeat the same move twice within three weeks. The variety keeps my body guessing and working. Already I have gone down two notches on my belt! To me, Jed is more than I would have ever expected from a personal trainer. He cares about what he does and each one of his clients. He continually pushes you to choose new goals and to meet them. Right now, I have more flexibility than ever before, I am almost able to do a split for the first time in my life! All in all, Jed is very knowledgeable and will help you obtain any fitness goals that you may have. I will be a client of Jed for a very long time.

Caroline D.



Much stronger and way more cut

5 Star Review

Why can’t there be more physical trainers like Jed Miller? It’s pretty simple, this guy knows his stuff. After about four months of training three times a week and eating better I’m much stronger and way more cut. Plus I have loads more energy. Thanks.

Hasan A.



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