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The reason 1-on-1 Level 9 Outdoor Personal Training is so effective is your progressive program is one of a kind, just like you. 100% Personalized Fitness Training is the key to you getting real, lasting results.

If you don’t start now you’ll regret it later. Imagine what you’ll accomplish in the next 30 days.


Outdoor Personal Training Long Beach CA

Try Outdoor Personal Training

A few things to keep in mind before your trial workouts:

  1. Showing up is the hardest part. Show up and the rest will fall into place.
  2. Expect to leave your comfort zone- that’s what it takes to make progress.
  3. Expect No Sales Pitch, this is Not the Gym. Just keep an open mind and a willing spirit. You can do this!


No credit card required for reservation. Pay only if you’re satisfied. Limit 1 pack per new member.

Progress, Not Perfection

Level 9 Fitness a totally unique experience unlike anything you’ve tried before. This outside fitness training is so much more than simply working up a sweat on the beach. L9 provides fun, exciting, challenging individual personal training programs in Long Beach, California.

Our system gets results because your program is build specifically for you. You’ll consistently make progress. Your fitness journey is yours to experience at a safe pace without ever overdoing it.

Outdoor Personal Training is Good for the Soul

It is undeniable that Outdoor Personal Training is particularly special in Long Beach.

If you’re going to work out with a Personal Fitness Trainer why not do it outside with an ocean view?

All programs promise results but Level 9 Personal Training delivers. For over 15 years L9 has remained popular and in-demand.

With so many beautiful locations around Belmont Shore the 90803 area is a no-brainer for workouts.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training has seen an insane increase in popularity since 2010. While we didn’t invent HIIT we definitely have been utilizing this fast pace results producing style for years, even before it was the coolest thing on social media.


I can’t say enough good things about training with Jed. He has definitely pushed me further than I thought I could go. I always feel accomplished after the end of our sessions and of course that post-workout endorphin high doesn’t hurt either!

Jed really cares about each one of his clients. I like that he really wants everyone to succeed. You can tell that he isn’t in the business for the money but rather because he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

Heidi B
Level 9 VIP Member





Outdoor Personal Training with YOU In Mind

You have to try outdoor personal training and see for yourself.  Our outdoor programs are designed specifically for each individual client. Clients who train with Jed Miller are sure to experience rapid results. In addition to individual training we offer our very popular Group Fitness Training which is a very affordable way to train with Jed Miller.

Many individual training programs out there are great, but most are designed long before a client has met with a personal trainer. The Level 9 trainers will never design an exercise plan without you. Goals, timelines fitness levels and body types differ from person to person. We put the ‘personal’ back in personal training. 

We know that there’s only one YOU and you deserve your very own workout plan. Think of your personal training program as an investment in yourself – Invest wisely and enjoy the benefits of outdoor exercise with your Level 9 Long Beach personal fitness trainer.

Most outdoor personal training sessions are held at Livingston Park in Belmont Shore 90803. This is a beautiful training location one block from 2nd Street with plenty of shade and free parking.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to get in shape this is it! People seek out Jed Miller and the L9 crew because they know that having an outdoor personal trainer is the only way to escape gym trainer fees while still achieving amazing results. For group outdoor fitness classes in Long Beach try an outdoor exercise class with L9. This is another way to avoid the gym while looking like you spend hours there each week. For those who are looking for the ultimate group training experience try Level 9 Boot Camps in Long Beach.



Outdoor Personal Training is Your Most Healthy Choice

Statistics from multiple studies have shown that people who exercise outside achieve faster fitness results and an elevated overall sense of well being compared to people who exercise indoors at a gym or at home for the same amount of time and the same amount of days per week.  The why outdoor personal training? can only be explained in theory because there is not a fully explainable scientific reason.  Jed believes that outdoor fitness training enables his clients to completely open up to the whole process.  This happens on a spiritual level, according to Jed, when the client is able to just let go and work in the present moment.  According to Jed it is nearly impossible to achieve the same feeling in a health club, unless you’re getting a post-workout massage.

I’ve had plenty of clients over the years that requested in home or gym training because they’re opposed to the idea of outdoor personal training.  I always ask them to try one session with an ocean view and palm trees around us, and decide only after that session.  One session and they’re sold on outside fitness.

Jed Miller


More About L9 Outdoor Exercise

The Level 9 Outdoor Personal Training system is one of a kind, just like you!  You”ll be working out in nature, not in a stuffy gym.  Expect to feel amazing as you escape the confines of an indoor personal training environment and take your workouts outside.  Exercising outdoors has tons of benefits but the most important one can’t exactly be put into words…It’s a feeling you can only know if you try it.  Maybe you’re already aware of the energizing effects of outside fitness training, in which case you already know why this is a great way to get in shape, burn fat and feel renewed and rejuvenated on a regular basis with your fitness instructor.

There are plenty of personal trainers in Los Angeles and Long Beach CA but unfortunately most of them prefer to train their clients indoors.  But Why?  The most common reason is that a gym or health club provides a big selection of equipment – a safety net for the trainer – so the trainer does not have to be creative and instruct you by using your own body weight which is hands down the most effective and safe way to train for results and avoid injury.  If you hire a fitness trainer and he or she constantly puts you on machine after machine they are taking the easy road and inhibiting your results.  This is a waste of time and money for you, the client.

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