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Personal Trainer Long Beach CA ReviewsPersonal Trainer Long Beach CA ReviewsPersonal Trainer Long Beach CA Reviews



What are your fitness goals?

  • fat loss
  • abdominal flattening
  • lean muscle building
  • booty shaping
  • toning & sculpting
  • core training
  • speed & agility training
  • flexibility improvement
  • balance & mobility training
  • distance running (marathon prep)

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    Level 9 Fitness Programs PROVEN EFFECTIVE Since 2008

    Mandana Personal Training Client

    I’d never even think about training with anyone else, Jed is the absolute best!!

    5 Star Review

    Jed is absolutely dedicated to what he’s does!! He loves what he does and it really shows when he’s training with you. As busy as he is, he always finds time to work around my hectic travel schedule, even last minute. Every workout has a new twist and he is always enthusiastic and energized from the first minute to the last. I’d never even think about training with anyone else, Jed is the absolute best!! See full testimonial

    Heidi B Personal Training Client

    Jed really cares about each of his clients

    5 Star Review

    I can’t say enough good things about training with Jed. He has definitely pushed me further than I thought I could go. I always feel accomplished after the end of our sessions and of course that post-workout endorphin high doesn’t hurt either! Jed really cares about each one of his clients. I like that he really wants everyone to succeed. You can tell that he isn’t in the business for the money but rather because he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.  See full testimonial

    Gabe-O Personal Training Client

    Jed is completely focused on your goals

    5 Star Review

    Firstly I have trained in gym for many years, I’m very active however as I got older I got bored of the gym. I wanted To look for something different. I searched around for bootcamp in my area and came across Level 9. Me and a friend signed up With Jed for 3 months  3 times a week. I really enjoyed the workouts as it was completely different and new type of training that I have Not experienced before. I want to just say a few things about Jed’s training style. He is completely focused on your goals, he understands the body and how to push Past that threshold without injury and he gets results. I could not believe the transformation i got within three months. I would definitely recommend Jed to anybody and everybody. See full testimonial

    Amy L Personal Training Client

    Saw a difference after 5 workouts!

    5 Star Review

    I’ve been athletic and involved in sports and have been working out at the gym pretty consistently my whole life.  I felt like I was stuck in a routine that my body had become accustomed to and I was no longer seeing results.  I hired Jed to step it up a notch and get me into shape for my wedding.  He is exactly what I needed!  He’s attentive and is at my side counting every single rep.  I’ve had 5 workouts with him and already I see a difference!  I even had surgery on my leg and Jed developed a plan to just work my abs and arms while I was recovering.  He’s worth every penny!  See full testimonial

    Luke T Personal Training Client

    Train with Jed, you won’t regret it

    5 Star Review

    With a busy travel schedule and a physically demanding career, staying in shape is tough. Training with Jed gives me the endurance required while on the job and the cut physique I need when swimming with sharks in LA. Get outdoors and train with Jed, you won’t regret it. See full testimonial

    Nickie A Personal Training Client

    Always there when I need encouragement

    5 Star Review

    Just want to thank you so much for my workout tonight… I feel 100% better… You encourage me to push myself so much harder then I would on my own and I appreciate you for that everyday! Thank you for being an amazing trainer and friend [wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”]  See full testimonial

    Solome Q Personal Training Client

    Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it!

    5 Star Review

    Just bought new jeans two sizes smaller after three weeks of classes. Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it! Surprisingly I’ve enjoyed some good laughs even during the hard sessions. I lost my cinnamon rolls and still working on my muffin top. The exercise has been a good distraction from a recent breakup too. I’m 55 years old but feel much younger again! See full testimonial

    Nikki B Personal Training Client

    I have seen marked improvements in my physique

    5 Star Review

    In just a couple months of working out with Jed, I have seen marked improvements in my physique. Even others, including my husband, have commented on how toned I look now. Jed takes me through interesting and meaningful workouts that are planned around my busy schedule. He also created an easy to follow meal plan that has helped to boost my energy and get results faster. I appreciate that Jed doesn’t use the cookie cutter approach to personal training that you find in many gyms. I have recommended Jed to a number of friends – when you find something this good, you just can’t keep it to yourself. See full testimonial





    Whatever you want to accomplish- Your Level 9 Long Beach Personal Trainer has your back.

    • Fat burning / Fat loss
    • Toning / Sculpting
    • Lean muscle gains
    • Improved flexibility & balance
    • Cardiovascular improvement or performance
    • Enhanced mood / memory / brain function
    • Better strength, stamina, endurance & power output

    fat loss, abdominal flattening, wedding prep, booty shaping & redesign, lean muscle building, toning & sculpting, core training, speed & agility training, flexibility improvement, balance & mobility training, distance running (marathon prep)



      1 on 1 Personal Training Long Beach CA
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      1 Session FREE3 Sessions $33

      trial offers for outdoor only
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      Achieve much more than just a
      hot body

      Personal Trainer Testimonials


      Weight Loss with Personal Trainer


      Drop unwanted pounds of fat

      Detoxification with Personal Trainer


      Intense exercise helps eliminate toxins

      Time Saver Workouts with Personal Trainer


      QuickFit workouts only take 30 minutes

      Mental Clarity with Personal Trainer


      Exercise is proven to enhance brain function


      Heart Health with Personal Trainer


      Strengthen your most important muscle


      Boost Immunity with Personal Trainer


      Boost your natural defenses




      Long Beach Personal Training - Level 9

      1-on-1 Personal Training – 100% personalized routines, just you and your Long Beach personal trainer. This is the absolute fastest way to reach your goals and the most popular choice for short term and long term results.





      Long Beach CA Personal Trainer High Intensity Interval Training HIIT

      HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training –  L9 HIIT Long Beach CA workouts are quicker, shorter circuit sessions at half the cost of traditional personal training.





      Long Beach CA Partner Couples Personal Training

      Partner & Couples Fitness Training – Couples and Partner Fitness Training is a big money saver without giving up much personal attention from your trainer.





      Long Beach Personal Training - In-Home Apartment & Condo Personal Training

      In Home Personal Training – In Home Long Beach Personal Trainer programs are ideal for those who prefer having your trainer come to your home, apartment gym or condo fitness center. Available primarily in Belmont Shore & Belmont Heights.





      Long Beach CA Group Exercise - Group Training

      Semi-Private & Small Group Fitness Training – Join a boot camp group of 10 or fewer members for a total body pump worth every penny and every drop of sweat.






      Level 9 style workouts
      (yes, you can handle it)


        1 on 1 Personal Training Long Beach CA
        first name


        phone (optional)

        let's start with
        1 Session FREE3 Sessions $33

        trial offers for outdoor only
        We won't send you any spam.



        Why does this program work so well?

        • Highly personalized training
        • Goal setting and tracking
        • Proven, progressive style
        • Muscle Confusion to avoid plateaus
        • 100% commitment from your trainer
        • Optional home workout plans
        • Nutritional guidance
        • Buddy passes available



        Your health and fitness is very important to us, even if you’re not a client. The Level 9 Fitness Blog offers great articles with health, fitness and nutrition info to keep you in top shape.


        Dangers of Fast Food

        Dangers of Fast Food – You Must Know This!

        Long Beach Muscle Confusion Personal Trainer Jed Miller

        Fitness Tips From Jed Miller


        Use these 3 tips!  I give you this info because I want you to succeed in meeting your health and fitness goals and maintaining good health for lots of years.  These are fitness tips, not torture.  Give it a try.  Commit to these basic changes in your life for 30 days and then take stock on how you feel, look and perform.

        1. Write everything down.  Keep 2 journals: 1 for food and 1 for workouts.  Be strict with this.  Hold yourself 100% accountable.
        2. Make working out a MUST, not a SHOULD.
        3. Find a workout buddy who is more motivated than you.


        Want extra motivation and support?  Try working with a Long Beach Personal Trainer.  Your trial session is free and there’s no obligation to buy.

        Request Your Trial

          1 on 1 Personal Training Long Beach CA
          first name


          phone (optional)

          let's start with
          1 Session FREE3 Sessions $33

          trial offers for outdoor only
          We won't send you any spam.


          Bodyweight Exercises - Jed Miller - Long Beach Personal Trainer

          Best Bodyweight Exercises to Increase Muscle Mass

            As a Long Beach Personal Trainer I’ve heard every reason (excuse) for not working out.  Rainy day, no gym…

          Long Beach Spin Classes

          Are Long Beach spin classes in a good way to supplement workouts with a Long Beach personal trainer? Well, that depends.  I’ve been certified in indoor cycling so I’m well aware of the benefits.  While indoor cycling is a good source of cardio spinning alone isn’t a complete fitness program, no matter how often you do it.  There are plenty of gyms and health clubs in Long Beach that offer multiple classes each day but a “Double Day” should include a resistance workout and some form of cardiovascular exercise, not two Long Beach spin classes.  It’s not a stand-alone solution to developing a functionally fit body but it might be a good addition to your program if you truly enjoy it.

          Long Beach Spin Classes to Get Your Heart Pumping!

          Level 9 Fitness Preferred Indoor Cycling

          Kick It Up

          Indoor cycling classes, dance and lots of other great classes for the whole family.

          8129 E Wardlow Rd Long Beach, CA 90808


          24 Hour Super Sport

          A fairly full schedule of cycling classes. As with all gym spinning classes some instructors are better than others. Ask for an extended free trial pass so you can ‘try before you buy’ and find an instructor you love.

          3030 N Bellflower Blvd Long Beach, CA 90808


          CSULB Student Recreation & Fitness Center

          The perfect place for CSULB students and alumni to attend Long Beach spin classes. Great facility with far more than just indoor cycling.

          1401 Palo Verde Ave Long Beach, CA 90815



          Are Spin Classes Right for Your Goals?

          I have all types of clients with lots of different fitness goals.  Some of my personal training clients in Long Beach want to lose weight, while others want to tone up and sculpt their body.  There are others who train for general health, balance, flexibility…the list goes on and on.  Some train 5 or 6 times per week while others train only 1 or 2 sessions for maintenance.  The one thing they all have in common is they need to stay active when they’re not training with me.

          Attending Long Beach spin classes 2 to 4 times per week will give you a good cardiovascular workout, while indoor cycling also challenges the leg muscles.  People who only spin Always Plateau at some point.  That’s a fact.  This happens because there’s not enough variety from one workout to the next to confuse your muscles and force continued development.

          Spinning classes certainly aren’t at the top of my “Must Do” exercise list.  I suppose can be fun, if you like sitting in one place for a long time and pretending to go up and down imaginary hills as the minutes trickle by at a snails pace.  Have you ever noticed how the Spinning Gurus can ride like lightning but they usually look just like the newest person in the class? The exceptions to this rule are people who do other workouts. Granted, spinning is good cardio,  but there are plenty of ways to achieve cardiovascular conditioning with way less effort in about half the time of a 1 hour spin class.


          Spinning and Other Cardio

          Spinning, running and other “straight Cardio” exercise can actually speed up the aging process.  What!?  Yes, it’s true,  long drawn out cardio sessions can accelerate the aging process by drastically increasing the release of free radicals in your body during and long after your workout.   I promote smart training and spin isn’t the best use of your time in the gym.  If you just Love Spinning keep at it but be sure to engage in a complete fitness program. I’d say take a look at outdoor cycling before you put yourself in a room with 30 sweaty people inside a gym.


          Long Beach Spin Classes Benefits

          The heart muscle will stay strong but your legs, core and arms will eventually reach a point of “readiness”, no matter what the instructor throws at you.  Plus most spinning instructors in Long Beach and elsewhere get settled into a routine they’re comfortable with.  This is okay for the newbies (for a while) but the problem here is that their regular spin clients get the same workout over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month.  The result is that you’ll train your body to do one thing well- Ride a bike for a long time.

          Spin and other indoor cycling workouts are way too one dimensional to be your only source of exercise.  As a supplemental workout I think spinning, running, elliptical training and other forms of cardio are worth looking into.  If you’re not sure what spin studio or health club to go to ask me.  I’m happy to help!



          When is the best time to exercise?


          The best time to exercise is a time that you know you can stick with and form a pattern.

          Long term results come from long term habits so pick a time you know you can fully commit to.

          Early Morning: There’s actually no reliable evidence that proves calories are burned more efficiently at any certain times of day, despite the fact that many people think that exercising early is a key to getting great results.  Early morning cardio or resistance training sessions on an empty stomach can put you in s state of ketosis, meaning your body will burn stored fat for energy, instead of digested food because you haven’t eaten yet.  This can be risky and not all people can perform well (or at all) on an empty stomach.  Use Caution.

          Mid to Late Morning: This can be a great time to exercise because if you’re eating properly you’ve already had 2 small meals or 1 meal and 1 snack.  Your breakfast will power you through your workout and energy levels are generally high for most active people.

          Mid Day to Early Afternoon: Much like a mid-morning workout you’ll be timing your workout so your most recent meal will give you energy and power.  This means you need to allow time for digestion before your workout.  Some people love to exercise mid-day because they feel the best mental focus.  To increase your focus you can also have green tea pre-workout.

          Late Afternoon to Evening: The thinking here is that you’ll burn off all those unwanted calories you’ve been consuming all day.  While this can work your primary goal for exercising should never be to make up for bad choices you’ve made during the day.  Stay on a clean nutrition plan and you’ll never be “covering your tracks” with a workout.

          Side Note: I do my workouts mostly at night, sometimes doubles mid-day and evening.  I prefer later workouts because at the end of my super busy work days my workouts are a way for me to clear my head.  So for me the timing of workouts has to do with mental advantages more than physical.


          Questions about this post or anything related to fitness?  Contact me

          Keep Pressing Forward!

          Jed Miller

          Goal Specific Personal Training

          In life, the most successful people always seem to have a clear understanding and vision of their goals. Goal specific…

          May 2012 Honor Roll:

          Alisa Lost 17.5 Pounds In 30 Days!

          By doing 3 Level 9 personal training workouts per week and staying on point with nutrition Alisa is dropping body fat at an amazing rate.  17.5 pounds lighter after only 10 Personal Training Sessions Alisa is off to a great start.  She stays active on non-training days and never loses her focus.


          Kristi Has Sculpted, Toned  & Tightened From Top To Bottom!

          With 2 L9 Boot Camps per week and 1 Personal Training session per week in Kristi has reshaped her body and exceeded her goals.  She’s getting more compliments than she can handle.  Laura & Ingrid (left and right in the pic) are also getting great results.



          Leanne Has Already Lost Over 24 Pounds!

          With only 2 Level 9 Boot Camp workouts per week and proper nutrition Leanne has already dropped over 24 pounds of body fat.  She’s determined to keep burning the fat.  Nothing will stop her from hitting her goal!



          Luis Lost Inches Off His Mid-Section and Got Stronger!

          By attending 2 Level 9 Boot Camp workouts per week and controlling his eating habits Luis left his couch potato days behind him for good.  He’s already had to buy new clothes to fit his new, leaner, toned body.



          Amy Sculpted, Toned and Lost Over 10 Pounds For Her Wedding!

          With only 2 Personal Training sessions per week Amy dropped over 10 pounds and sculpted her body.  She’ll be looking and feeling absolutely amazing on her wedding day.




          Setting Goals for your health and fitness is sometimes easier said than done.  Most people know this fact all too well.  Most of us start off with a great amount of energy and anticipation,,,,especially as a new year approaches.  The first part is easy.  We set a new goal.  Lots of people do follow through and start some type of exercise routine.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people only stick to their new fitness routine for an average of 10 to 20 days before they stop or begin to taper off their plan.

          Let’s look at the ways you can stay on your fitness program long enough to make it a long term habit

          Make an action plan.  Don’t wait for great timing before you start.  I can promise you the timing will never be perfect so don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re just waiting for the right time to start.  Now is the right time.

          Level 9 Long Beach Personal TrainingAbout creating a goal

          • Be clear in your goal
          • Include a time-line
          • Write it down
          • Say it out loud
          • Tell the positive people in your life
          • Don’t tell people who might doubt you
          • Create a Plan B if life gets in the way of Plan A (without a Plan B you’ll probably just stop)
          • Hire a Personal Trainer, join a Boot Camp or find a motivated workout buddy if you’ve never been able to do it on your own

          Start small and be realistic about what you want to accomplish. Try not to focus on a huge goal.  Instead focus on eating right and keeping a strict schedule for the days you’ll work up a sweat.  You need to view your workout days as an appointment you can’t miss.  Think about it – you probably wouldn’t make an appointment with a friend and then not show up.  Don’t no-show yourself either.  Build your first habit to boost your faith in yourself and then build on that.

          Avoid words like ‘some’ and ‘more’, as in “I will get SOME exercise this week” or “I will eat MORE whole foods.”  Instead plan out meals and exercise sessions a week ahead of time.  This way your brain will register these actions as a fact, not just a weak intention.  Also avoid saying  ‘never’ and ‘always.’  An all or nothing attitude can quickly take you off track and may lead you back to your old habits because in your mind if you slip you fail.  Instead plan a cheat day where you reward yourself with a special treat.

          Don’t expect perfection from day one.  You’ll probably feel like giving up if you focus on how out of shape you are.  Forgive yourself and move forward.  Persistence plays the biggest role in forming new habits.   Accept the fact that you might not have a spectacular workout session every time but know you’re moving in the right direction.  A recent study revealed that it can take up to six months to form a habit.  Strap in for the duration and take it day by day.  Humans are creatures of habit.  Our minds like the habits we’ve already formed and on some level we reject new routines and new habits.  Just knowing that will help you push through each workout .

          As i Mentioned before it is highly beneficial to find a motivated workout partner or hire a Personal Fitness Trainer. Exercise with a friend who is equally motivated or is already committed to a fitness routine on a regular basis.  Be careful not to find a partner who isn’t as motivated as you because that type of person can drag you down.

          In my professional opinion the most important part of forming a plan and meeting your fitness goals is to start right away and just commit to eating whole foods and working up a sweat at least three scheduled times a week.  Then you can build on that and improve the quality of your workouts one step at a time.

          If you have questions about setting goals call me at 562-787-9400 or send me a message


          Best Wishes,

          Jed Miller

          Private Studio Personal Training 1-on-1

          Prefer indoor private studio personal training in Long Beach?  Welcome to the personal training studio experience. A private personal training environment means your privacy is protected (unlike the gym) in Long Beach CA. This works perfectly for those who prefer privacy and aren’t into the idea of outdoor training. You’ll be working with the most committed best personal trainer money can buy.




          Keeping a Low Profile

          Private fitness training also helps clients in Show Business to escape the craziness of Hollywood and remain anonymous while they exercise with their Long Beach personal trainer.  Sometimes keeping a low profile is your best option.  While many Level 9 Fitness clients love outdoor personal training there’s sometimes a need to train indoors.  Private studio personal training is your solution.


          The Difference with Private Studio Personal Training

          Private Fitness Studio training is the perfect place to build the body of your dreams. We all have different goals and we all want results.  With the right fitness plan and the right personal trainer you’ll exceed your own expectations during private studio personal training in Long Beach.  With Level 9 Personal Training you’ll see rapid results, without ever having to deal with the distractions and crowds you’ll see at a local health club.  By training privately you’ll truly have a 1-on-1 experience with your personal trainer.  Your results will be all that matters and your program will be one of a kind, designed specifically for you.  The Level 9 system of Mixed Method Muscle Confusion ensures that you’ll avoid plateaus and achieve steady progress with your Long Beach Personal Trainer.  Get ready for a unique, personalized fitness training experience unlike anything you’ve tried before.


          Starting Private Studio Personal Training

          As with any of our programs we encourage you to start with a trial personal training session to get to know your fitness instructor and ask any questions you have before getting started with your program.  We believe in forming a strong relationship with every new client right from the start.  We’ll go through a series of questions and answers to identify your goals and to find out what really drives you.  We’ll also take a look at your current eating habits and suggest a meal plan to maximize your results.  This process will help your private studio personal training instructor formulate your perfect plan for long term success in achieving your personal fitness goals.



          1-on-1 or Partner Fitness Training gives you the flexibility to get in shape with your significant other, a friend, relative or co-worker.  Mixing routines is also a good option because you’ll have the option to train individually with your instructor, as well as bring a partner on selected days.  Total flexibility is just one of the ways Level 9 Fitness stands out from the crowd.

          Individual and Partner Fitness Training can be done outdoors or in some cases privately in a fitness studio.  Training with a partner can greatly increase your motivation to succeed and it makes exercising more fun and exciting.



          WHAT TO EXPECT


          Level 9 Personal Training works 100% of the time for those who follow the system correctly.

          Try the unique muscle confusion system people rave about and focus on your specific needs with multiple training methods:

          • training
          • cross training
          • suspension straps
          • kettlebell workouts
          • cardio blast sessions
          • TUT (time under tension)
          • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
          • bodyweight training
          • resistance bands


          • 1-ON-1 Personal Training
          • Follow a clean nutrition plan
          • Maintain a healthy weight
          • Get quality sleep
          • Minimize stress levels
          • Do not smoke
          • Drink alcohol in moderation or not at all


          Picking a Long Beach Personal Trainer is tough.  Who Can you truly TRUST to get you the results you want as FAST as POSSIBLE?

          Join the Level 9 Fitness Training System with total customization and attention to your goals and abilities.  Contact a TRUSTED and RESPECTED Belmont Shore Personal Trainer!  Why wait? By requesting a trial below you’ll be taking the first step to a new beginning.

          This can be a time in your life to not just get fit but to actually grow and evolve as a person. Those who accept the challenge to join a Level 9 Fitness Program and stay committed by taking it day by day, session by session always succeed!






          Commitment to Service and Support— LEVEL 9 COMMITMENT TO YOU —

          L9 Long Beach personal trainer proudly provides 1-on-1 Private Personal Training, Outdoor Personal Training, In Home Fitness Training, Boot Camps and Traveling Trainer services in Long Beach CA, and our extended network includes Orange County and Los Angeles County. Level 9 Personal Training is your one-stop fitness solution with a track record to prove our total commitment to service and support, not just for our clients but for out community as a whole. Level 9 Fitness has a reputation for bringing the best out of our clients. We’re fully committed to helping our clients reach beyond whatever level of fitness they’ve reached in the past. These Long Beach personal trainer programs are designed for growth and improvement on a consistent basis and we aim to provide unparalleled personal training services.





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