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Personal Trainer Testimonials

Mandana Personal Training Client

I’d never even think about training with anyone else, Jed is the absolute best!!

5 Star Review

Jed is absolutely dedicated to what he’s does!! He loves what he does and it really shows when he’s training with you. As busy as he is, he always finds time to work around my hectic travel schedule, even last minute. Every workout has a new twist and he is always enthusiastic and energized from the first minute to the last. I’d never even think about training with anyone else, Jed is the absolute best!! See full testimonial

Heidi B Personal Training Client

Jed really cares about each of his clients

5 Star Review

I can’t say enough good things about training with Jed. He has definitely pushed me further than I thought I could go. I always feel accomplished after the end of our sessions and of course that post-workout endorphin high doesn’t hurt either! Jed really cares about each one of his clients. I like that he really wants everyone to succeed. You can tell that he isn’t in the business for the money but rather because he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.  See full testimonial

Gabe-O Personal Training Client

Jed is completely focused on your goals

5 Star Review

Firstly I have trained in gym for many years, I’m very active however as I got older I got bored of the gym. I wanted To look for something different. I searched around for bootcamp in my area and came across Level 9. Me and a friend signed up With Jed for 3 months  3 times a week. I really enjoyed the workouts as it was completely different and new type of training that I have Not experienced before. I want to just say a few things about Jed’s training style. He is completely focused on your goals, he understands the body and how to push Past that threshold without injury and he gets results. I could not believe the transformation i got within three months. I would definitely recommend Jed to anybody and everybody. See full testimonial

Amy L Personal Training Client

Saw a difference after 5 workouts!

5 Star Review

I’ve been athletic and involved in sports and have been working out at the gym pretty consistently my whole life.  I felt like I was stuck in a routine that my body had become accustomed to and I was no longer seeing results.  I hired Jed to step it up a notch and get me into shape for my wedding.  He is exactly what I needed!  He’s attentive and is at my side counting every single rep.  I’ve had 5 workouts with him and already I see a difference!  I even had surgery on my leg and Jed developed a plan to just work my abs and arms while I was recovering.  He’s worth every penny!  See full testimonial

Luke T Personal Training Client

Train with Jed, you won’t regret it

5 Star Review

With a busy travel schedule and a physically demanding career, staying in shape is tough. Training with Jed gives me the endurance required while on the job and the cut physique I need when swimming with sharks in LA. Get outdoors and train with Jed, you won’t regret it. See full testimonial

Nickie A Personal Training Client

Always there when I need encouragement

5 Star Review

Just want to thank you so much for my workout tonight… I feel 100% better… You encourage me to push myself so much harder then I would on my own and I appreciate you for that everyday! Thank you for being an amazing trainer and friend [wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”]  See full testimonial

Solome Q Personal Training Client

Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it!

5 Star Review

Just bought new jeans two sizes smaller after three weeks of classes. Yes, it’s challenging but I can do it! Surprisingly I’ve enjoyed some good laughs even during the hard sessions. I lost my cinnamon rolls and still working on my muffin top. The exercise has been a good distraction from a recent breakup too. I’m 55 years old but feel much younger again! See full testimonial

Nikki B Personal Training Client

I have seen marked improvements in my physique

5 Star Review

In just a couple months of working out with Jed, I have seen marked improvements in my physique. Even others, including my husband, have commented on how toned I look now. Jed takes me through interesting and meaningful workouts that are planned around my busy schedule. He also created an easy to follow meal plan that has helped to boost my energy and get results faster. I appreciate that Jed doesn’t use the cookie cutter approach to personal training that you find in many gyms. I have recommended Jed to a number of friends – when you find something this good, you just can’t keep it to yourself. See full testimonial





Whatever you want to accomplish- Your Level 9 Long Beach Personal Trainer has your back.

Personal Trainer Long Beach CA 90803

  • fat loss
  • abdominal flattening
  • lean muscle building
  • toning & sculpting
  • booty shaping
  • core training
  • speed & agility training
  • flexibility improvement
  • balance & mobility training
  • distance running (marathon prep)

1 on 1 Personal Training Long Beach CA




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Personal Trainer Long Beach CA Reviews

Personal Trainer Long Beach CA Reviews

Personal Trainer Long Beach CA Reviews


fat loss, abdominal flattening, wedding prep, booty shaping & redesign, lean muscle building, toning & sculpting, core training, speed & agility training, flexibility improvement, balance & mobility training, distance running (marathon prep)


1 on 1 Personal Training Long Beach CA
first name



let's start with
1 Session FREE3 Sessions for $33

PRIVACY GUARANTEE: We HATE SPAM too. Your info is safe.
FREE TRIALS Apply to Outdoor Programs ONLY


Personal Trainer Testimonials

Achieve much more than just a
hot body

Weight Loss with Personal Trainer


Drop unwanted pounds of fat

Detoxification with Personal Trainer


Intense exercise helps eliminate toxins

Time Saver Workouts with Personal Trainer


QuickFit workouts only take 30 minutes

Mental Clarity with Personal Trainer


Exercise is proven to enhance brain function

Heart Health with Personal Trainer


Strengthen your most important muscle

Boost Immunity with Personal Trainer


Boost your natural defenses


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Long Beach Personal Training - Level 9

1-on-1 Personal Training – 100% personalized routines, just you and your Long Beach personal trainer. This is the absolute fastest way to reach your goals and the most popular choice for short term and long term results.





Long Beach CA Personal Trainer High Intensity Interval Training HIIT

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training –  L9 HIIT Long Beach CA workouts are quicker, shorter circuit sessions at half the cost of traditional personal training.





Long Beach CA Partner Couples Personal Training

Partner & Couples Fitness Training – Couples and Partner Fitness Training is a big money saver without giving up much personal attention from your trainer.





Long Beach Personal Training - In-Home Apartment & Condo Personal Training

In Home Personal Training – In Home Long Beach Personal Trainer programs are ideal for those who prefer having your trainer come to your home, apartment gym or condo fitness center. Available primarily in Belmont Shore & Belmont Heights.





Long Beach CA Group Exercise - Group Training

Semi-Private & Small Group Fitness Training – Join a boot camp group of 10 or fewer members for a total body pump worth every penny and every drop of sweat.







Level 9 style workouts
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1 on 1 Personal Training Long Beach CA
first name



let's start with
1 Session FREE3 Sessions for $33

PRIVACY GUARANTEE: We HATE SPAM too. Your info is safe.
FREE TRIALS Apply to Outdoor Programs ONLY



Why does this program work so well?

  • Highly personalized training
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Proven, progressive style
  • Muscle Confusion to avoid plateaus
  • 100% commitment from your trainer
  • Optional home workout plans
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Buddy passes available



Your health and fitness is very important to us, even if you’re not a client. The Level 9 Fitness Blog offers great articles with health, fitness and nutrition info to keep you in top shape.


Can alcohol affect training?

How can Alcohol affect your Training?

Over the years many clients have asked about how alcohol affects fitness training and how much alcohol they are allowed…

Does Physical Activity Reduce Stress?

Q: Does Physical Activity Reduce Stress?

Will fitness activity benefit your mental fitness? Regular exercise has been proven to boost self-esteem, ward off anxiety and reduce…

Proper Exercise Form - Long Beach Personal Training

As a Fitness Professional I strive to be your best personal trainer choice in Long Beach CA. This means I have to hold clients accountable for great form day in and day out. I work on form with new clients in weeks 1 to 3 and most people NEED SERIOUS HELP with proper exercise form!  The mass majority of people are clueless about proper exercise form, alignment and body awareness (in a physical sense).  Unfortunately I have to help most people “unlearn” dangerous form and learn new habits for proper exercise form.  Sure, it frustrates me that other trainers, videos and online fitness websites like Shape have steered so many people in the wrong direction.  They’re focused more on models, less on how to do things properly.



See the image – she’s a model so she doesn’t know any better but that’s torture on the knees!

When people come to me for Long Beach Personal Training and boot camp they have pre-existing injuries I always ask about their fitness history.  Almost every injured client has been misguided at some point in their fitness history.  A fully functional body that suddenly stops working correctly has everything to do with what the body has been through up to that point.  Nobody is born with a “bum knee” or a bad back, with the exception of a few rare conditions such as scoliosis, which can be corrected through physical therapy and personal training with an expert.

Form, body awareness and control are far more important than total repetitions or “How Much Weight You Can Lift”.  The problem is most Personal Fitness Trainers care more about their paycheck  than they care about YOU, their client.

My clients will tell you in their testimonials I’m tough when it comes to form.  We have to learn to do it the right way every single rep.  Once you’ve learned proper form and body awareness you’ll never forget it.  This is the only way to live injury free.

Forget what you think you know and trust a pro!

As always I’m available to answer questions about form and anything else fitness related.  Feel free to contact me!

All the Best!

Jed Miller |  Fitness Professional


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Home Exercises

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America's Health Problems - Obesity

America’s Health Problems

Our intention with this collection of facts is NOT just to scare you.  We truly want to wake you up!  You’ll see that America’s health problems are primarily not from natural causes, as was the case in past generations.  We’ve now moved into a time when we American’s (more than any other collective part of the world) are willingly taking part in our own sickness and long term health problems.


Millions Are Affected by America’s Health Problems Yearly

America's Health Problems - Obesity

Every year millions of Americans are affected by health problems related to unhealthy living and eating habits combined with a lack of physical activity. The disadvantages of such a lifestyle and further the importance of physical activity to prevent or decrease America’s health problems will be demonstrated in the following. The facts below only begin to scratch the surface of America’s health problems. Subscribe for future articles on this and other health & fitness topics.

When it comes to Americas health problems the number one issue is the diet of the typical American, which is rich in saturated fat, trans fat, salt, sugar, highly dangerous (some proven poisonous) fillers, binders, and of course GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which the FDA approves regularly. Aside from being downright dangerous, the typical American diet is lacking in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fiber. A diet like this high in fat and sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and in addition it will increase inflammation which basically is a process of aging. According to the National Alliance of Nutrition and Activity your diet contributes to four of the six top leading causes of death in the United States.  (healthyeating.sfgate.com)


America’s Nutrition & Diet Health Problems

Another nutrition/diet related fact causing America’s health problems is the consummation of low calorie or diet sodas. Many diet drinks which have a lack of sugar calories due to artificial sweeteners are marketed as healthy alternatives for regular sodas to adults and children. However, we do not know how bad those are for us and recent studies showed that sugar-free sweeteners may be significantly increasing your risk of health problems such as weight gain as well as metabolic syndrome, type 2-diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  (sceince.howstuffworks.com)

America's Health Problems - Junk Food

  • In consequence of unhealthy, in rare cases inadvertently bad diet we are confronted with Americas health problems which are a main killer in the United States.
    Heart disease for example kills the largest number of Americans per year, which is more than all forms of cancer combined.  (knowmore.tv)
  • Diabetes, a number of 86 million American adults have pre-diabetes due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore 1 out of 3 people are considered to develop type 2-diabetes in their lifetime which in fact increases the death risk about 50%.  (cdc.gov)
  • Obesity is another number one American health problem. With more than 35% of U.S. adults and nearly 32% of U.S. children and adolescents being obese and overweight the numbers have tripled from just one generation ago.  (nichd.nih.gov)


Prevent and Overcome America’s Health Problems

So how can we as individuals prevent and overcome America’s health problems? The answer is quite simple: a well-balanced diet in addition to physical activity. Even though family history can be part of a health problem, fitness and nutrition are lifestyle factors that can be controlled. According to a Harvard University Health Study about 50% of American adults do not meet the guidelines for 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days of the week, which should not be a too high demand of time in our lives. Because physical activity is important to control the blood glucose, train our heart and therefore limit the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore physical activity can relieve depression and stress, improve moods, keep our bones strong and is considered to improve sleep.


Make Healthy Choices in Diet and Lifestyle

Exercise to Avoid America's Health Problems

Healthy choices in diet and lifestyle can affect more than our outer appearance as it can increase both the length and quality of our lives. Educate yourself or seek advice from reliable sources to become well equipped to avoid America’s health problems. Then, as you improve your eating habits and engage in a regular exercise routine spread your knowledge and help raise awareness about this potentially deadly topic. When we accept responsibility for our poor choices we take total responsibility for our health and fitness. Once personal responsibility enters into the equation no longer can a person claim to be a victim of America’s health problems based on poor choices and a lack of knowledge.







Level 9 Personal Training works 100% of the time for those who follow the system correctly.

Try the unique muscle confusion system people rave about and focus on your specific needs with multiple training methods:

  • training
  • cross training
  • suspension straps
  • kettlebell workouts
  • cardio blast sessions
  • TUT (time under tension)
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • bodyweight training
  • resistance bands


With such a wide variety of fitness training options to fit your needs you’re guaranteed to succeed if you apply yourself to your program 100%.

Level 9 Fitness programs are PROVEN EFFECTIVE since 2008.

Are you willing do do whatever it takes to become the very best YOU the world has ever seen? If you answered yes I’d like to meet with you and discuss your goals, wants and needs related to your health and fitness. NOW is the time. If not now, WHEN?

When your reasons for getting in shape outweigh your excuses for being unfit you’re ready for Level 9 Personal Training.

Now is the time to finally take action.  You’ll NEVER regret it!

Starting is the hardest part.  All you have to do is want results bad enough and SHOW UP!

Picking a Long Beach Personal Trainer is tough.  Who Can you truly TRUST to get you the results you want as FAST as POSSIBLE?

Join the Level 9 Fitness Training System with total customization and attention to your goals and abilities.  Contact a TRUSTED and RESPECTED Belmont Shore Personal Trainer!  Why wait? By requesting a trial below you’ll be taking the first step to a new beginning.

This can be a time in your life to not just get fit but to actually grow and evolve as a person. Those who accept the challenge to join a Level 9 Fitness Program and stay committed by taking it day by day, session by session always succeed!






Commitment to Service and Support— LEVEL 9 COMMITMENT TO YOU —

L9 Long Beach personal trainer proudly provides 1-on-1 Private Personal Training, Outdoor Personal Training, In Home Fitness Training, Boot Camps and Traveling Trainer services in Long Beach CA, and our extended network includes Orange County and Los Angeles County. Level 9 Personal Training is your one-stop fitness solution with a track record to prove our total commitment to service and support, not just for our clients but for out community as a whole. Level 9 Fitness has a reputation for bringing the best out of our clients. We’re fully committed to helping our clients reach beyond whatever level of fitness they’ve reached in the past. These Long Beach personal trainer programs are designed for growth and improvement on a consistent basis and we aim to provide unparalleled personal training services.





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