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As a Fitness Professional I strive to be your best personal trainer choice in Long Beach CA. This means I have to hold clients accountable for great form day in and day out. I work on form with new clients in weeks 1 to 3 and most people NEED SERIOUS HELP with proper exercise form!  The mass majority of people are clueless about proper exercise form, alignment and body awareness (in a physical sense).  Unfortunately I have to help most people “unlearn” dangerous form and learn new habits for proper exercise form.  Sure, it frustrates me that other trainers, videos and online fitness websites like Shape have steered so many people in the wrong direction.  They’re focused more on models, less on how to do things properly.



See the image – she’s a model so she doesn’t know any better but that’s torture on the knees!

When people come to me for Long Beach Personal Training and boot camp they have pre-existing injuries I always ask about their fitness history.  Almost every injured client has been misguided at some point in their fitness history.  A fully functional body that suddenly stops working correctly has everything to do with what the body has been through up to that point.  Nobody is born with a “bum knee” or a bad back, with the exception of a few rare conditions such as scoliosis, which can be corrected through physical therapy and personal training with an expert.

Form, body awareness and control are far more important than total repetitions or “How Much Weight You Can Lift”.  The problem is most Personal Fitness Trainers care more about their paycheck  than they care about YOU, their client.

My clients will tell you in their testimonials I’m tough when it comes to form.  We have to learn to do it the right way every single rep.  Once you’ve learned proper form and body awareness you’ll never forget it.  This is the only way to live injury free.

Forget what you think you know and trust a pro!

As always I’m available to answer questions about form and anything else fitness related.  Feel free to contact me!

All the Best!

Jed Miller |  Fitness Professional


Jed Miller

Multi-Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, fitness blogger and all around health and exercise nut. JM has worked in PT, health club management and corporate wellness for leading US pharmaceutical companies.

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