Enjoy (or suffer through) these workouts you can do at home or outdoors. These workouts require limited or no equipment.

If you need additional help or demonstration ask the best personal trainer in Long Beach.

ABCs of Weight Training

Weight Lifting Methods

Let’s get a clear picture of what’s actually happening as you move those dumbbells and work up a sweat. Some of my Long Beach clients tell me they’re curious about…
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How Often Should I Exercise?

How Often Should I Exercise

My Personal Training clients ask me this important question all the time. “how often should I exercise“. The second most frequent question has to do with…wait for it…yep, how to…
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Basic HIIT Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Basic HIIT Workout - Long Beach CA

Sometimes even the most basic HIIT workout can really kick your butt. Especially if it’s designed by the best personal trainer and muscle confusion expert. Stay motivated with the basic…
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