q: Level 9 offers so many personal training and group fitness options, which is best?

a: Jed Miller has worked hard to provide the Long Beach community with a wide range of training options. As many people know Jed is most widely known as a 1-on-1 Muscle Confusion Trainer offering outdoor and private indoor personal training. His extensive background in all types of training conditions and styles makes him an incredibly well rounded trainer.

1-on-1 Personal Training with Jed Miller is your best bet for extreme results in the shortest amount of time.



q: There are so many personal trainers in Long Beach, California why choose Level 9?

a: The Level 9 trainers know that you, the valued client, are the core of our success. Simply having “satisfied customers” isn’t enough. Our success depends on your success. Level 9 was developed by Jed Miller, a Certified Personal Trainer who lives fitness and thrives on other people’s success in reaching their own fitness goals.



q: If I sign up for training with Level 9 what’s included in my package of sessions?

a: Much more than you might expect. L9 offers a total fitness, nutrition and personal training experience. Once you’ve completed your evaluation and fitness assessment your trainer will design your personalized workout plan, Next you’ll receive your Choices Meal Plan at the start of your program. You’ll receive unlimited email and phone support and guidance for non-training days (days you’re not working with your trainer). Plus if you travel for business or pleasure your trainer will provide you with a workout plan for the time you’re away so your fitness level won’t drop while you’re out of town. Additionally you will always be eligable for bonus free referral sessions. We give you all the tools you need to succeed.



q: Do I have to buy a package of training sessions or can I buy one session at a time?

a: You can purchase one session at a time but packages of sessions offer quantity discounts so you’ll save money if you plan ahead. We offer packages as small as 3 sessions and as large as 48 sessions.



q: What form of payments do you accept and how do I pay?

a: We accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders or cash. You can pay in person or make secure payments online.



q: Is the Level 9 Personal Training system designed for a certain type of person or sport?

a: No, Level 9 is as much about a mind-body connection as it is about fitness. When we learn how our bodies respond to different levels of stress we are able to then tune in and get the most from every single workout, while never passing our own personal breaking point.



q: How long will it take for me to see noticeable results?

a: We’re all a little different when it comes to getting noticeable results. ‘Noticeable’ means that you and others can actually see changes in your physique. We must remember that major bodily changes are set in motion starting with your very first session. With consistent training your body will actually be in a constant state of change and transformation. As your body starts to adapt to increased exertion you’ll undoubtedly begin to see the results you’re working so hard for. Hang in there, keep pushing forward and never become discouraged. Your physique won’t change over night but rest assured you’ll get to where you want to be.



q: Why are Level 9 Personal Training prices lower than health club personal training prices? Can I expect the same quality of training?

a: Expect a more personalized experience with L9. The difference in price is based on the fact that L9 training programs include outdoor personal training and in-home personal training. In either case you’ll avoid the middle-man and the lofty overhead included in health club personal training prices. The quality of personal training depends solely on the personal trainer you choose and his/her prior experience, dedication to fitness and commitment to your success. You’ll get all of that and more with Level 9, all at an affordable price.



q: Good nutrition is obviously an important part of getting fit. What if I don’t have time to cook my own meals and can’t follow a Choices meal plan from L9?

a: This is a very common issue and yes, proper nutrition is crucial to getting into great shape and staying healthy. We provide a basic meal plan which requires our clients to prepare their meals and snacks. If cooking is out of the question we strongly suggest a home delivery meal service that offers healthy pre-portioned meals.



q: Will my training sessions make me sore?

a: Yes, you’ll notice soreness mostly during the 24 – 48 hours following a personal training session. This is completely normal. Think of it as a little reminder that you’re working hard to achieve your goals.



q: Am I going to get big or bulky for my training program?

a: Not unless you want to. We’ll design a customized personal training fitness program based on your goals and desired results.



q: How many times per week should I work with my personal trainer?

a: That depends on multiple factors: goals, level of commitment, time frame to meet goals, availability, workouts outside of personal training and more. During your free initial fitness consultation we’ll look at all of these factors and determine the best approach to scheduling your sessions.



q: Where will my fitness consultation and outdoor personal training sessions take place?

a: Your convenience is our top priority when scheduling training sessions. We’ll schedule your fitness consultation at a convenient location, or at your home if you prefer. Outdoor personal training sessions are scheduled at local sites such as Bluff Park on Ocean Blvd. Feel free to suggest a new personal training site by contacting L9.



q: Is there any preparation I should do before starting my new personal training program?

a: Come as you are. There’s no need to try to get into better physical condition before you begin your sessions. It is, however, important to stretch your muscles as much as possible during the week prior to your first session. This will help to avoid cramping and reduce soreness. While there isn’t much physical preparation required we do suggest some mental preparation. It is good to relax, have a ‘can do attitude’ and enter into this new challenge in your life with excitement, not hesitation. We’ll be with you every step of the way.



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