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Group Fitness Training Level 9 Style

There’s a reason there is so much excitement about Level 9 Group Fitness Training and Boot Camp programs…it’s a great way to get the awesome results L9 is known for producing at a very affordable rate. You can assemble your own group of friends and co-workers or attend one of our totally affordable 60 day Level 9 Boot Camps in 90803.

Low Cost, High Success Group Fitness Training

Group training is the most cost effective way to train with L9. Level 9 outdoor group exercise sessions range from beginner to advanced and Boot Camp classes in Long Beach. Jed Miller knows boot camp training first hand, having served an enlistment in the US Army. Group training offers scheduling flexibility with very affordable rates. Group fitness classes are ‘pay as you go’ so there are no contracts or long term obligations. Monthly discounts are also available.

You can attend scheduled Boot Camp sessions at Livingston Park or Bluff Park in Long Beach or assemble your own group of friends, family and co-workers who share your fitness goals. Small Group Training is always a challenging, fun and intense workout that fits into any budget!

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Most Level 9 outdoor group fitness training classes and boot camps are held at Livingston Park in Belmont Shore, Bluff Park and El Dorado Park, Long Beach CA

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