FREE Referral Bonus Sessions
Bonus Offer: one referral client = one 30 minute session for the existing client. This offer is unlimited. The referral client must purchase a minimum of four individual training sessions or one qualifying group exercise package.
Super Bonus Offer: Four or more referrals within a 30 day period = all due 30 minute sessions, plus two 60 minute sessions

Satisfaction Guarantee
After the use of a Free Trial session if you are not 100% satisfied with your training experience you are not required to purchase any additional personal training or group training sessions.  A Free Trail requires no purchase and no future commitments.

Partner Training Add-On
A standard 20% add-on rate applies to individual training package rates with a two person maximum.  Packages of sessions must be paid in full at the start of a training program, including the 20% add-on rate.  If either client decides to leave the program for any reason the pre-paid rate will not be changed and there are no refunds on partner training add-on fees.

From the time of first contact between a fitness trainer and a new or potential client, including any email messages and/or phone conversations both the fitness trainer and client agree that all information discussed including client’s fitness history, goals, pricing, special arrangements and promotional offers will be kept completely confidential. The fitness trainer also agrees to keep all information about his/her client completely confidential throughout the duration of a fitness program unless otherwise expressed by the client.

24 hours notice is required for cancellations or requests for a rescheduled session by phone to avoid the loss of a session.

Program Pause
After a session package has been purchased and activated the member may pause his/her program for up to six months for legitimate reasons such as medical or psychiatric issues. Member must provide his/her personal trainer with updates during program pause with possible return dates and any other important information.

Program Cancellation
If a member is moving/relocating more than twenty five miles from the original training location he/she may cancel.

Travel Workout Programs
Exercise programs are available for clients at discounted rates or no cost (depending on package offers) to use while traveling or those who require maintenance training between personal training sessions. Personalized plans are offered to existing clients as single session workouts or in bulk packages.

Past Due Payments
Past due payments (partial or whole) will incur a 10% penalty after each seven days that pass until the total amount of the past due charges reach the equivalent of the original balance due.  If the total combined amount of the original balance and past due charges remain unpaid the entire account will be forwarded to a collection agency for settlement.

Session Transfers & Gifting
All transfers and gifting of sessions must be approved by the personal trainer responsible for that account. All sales are final.


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