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Joining Team Elite is possible for absolutely anyone willing to earn their spot.

When you think of fitness and sports the key word that comes to mind is TEAM. At Level 9 Personal Training we believe strongly that you and your personal trainer are a team.

Beyond the Personal Trainer and client relationship Team Elite includes all Level 9 members who have trained for 90 days or more and have hit their primary short term fitness goals.

What Is Level 9 Team Elite and how do you join the team?

At the start of your Level 9 Fitness program you and your trainer will outline your very specific micro-goals and macro-goals.

You’ll then work with your trainer to formulate an action plan.

At the last session of each training week you and your trainer will go over progress, as well as areas which need more attention and focus.

You and your trainer are a TEAM. As a team you’ll succeed.

The key to success is to be ultra clear about your goals and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those specific goals.


Train for 90+ Days and Smash Goals!

A firm commitment of 90 days or more at Level 9 ensures mega results. Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but for many intermittent fasting combined with two personal training sessions can be a kick start to long term success.

Results goals vary from one person to another. Common fitness goals include:

  • Fat loss and weight loss
  • Toning and sculpting
  • Lean muscle mass gains
  • Mood improvement, sense of well being
  • Establish consistent clean eating habits
  • Improved balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Cardio improvement
  • Injury recovery
  • Better brain function and clarity
  • More strength
  • Better stamina & endurance
  • Increased power output
  • Quitting cigarettes, drugs, alcohol

All of these goals are great and any combination is possible to graduate to team elite in a very short amount of time, for anyone committed to achieving their fitness goals at Level 9.

To start your amazing journey toward joining Team Elite start with a Trial Session.


You can do this!

There’s never going to be a perfect time to start, only a right time and the right time is right now!

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