What is Level 9 Personal Training?

What is Level 9 is a Common Question

What is Level 9Mixed Method Muscle Confusion at a controlled level with progressive workout design.  That’s the simple answer to the question what is Level 9 personal training. Intensity is the key to making real progress in physical fitness. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being absolute maximum exertion, most people would admit to training at an average level of 3 to 5. That’s right, most people train at a less than average training intensity day in and day out. So if you’re in this group what kind of results can you expect? AVERAGE, at best. Our bodies respond poorly to too little exertion. For your body, exercising is a form of preparation. That’s why a higher intensity will produce new lean mass, your body is adapting and preparing for the next set of demanding requests.. On the other side of the scale – training consistently at a painful, almost unbearable intensity (level 10) can actually be harmful to our bodies, especially long term. This insane style of ‘all in’ type training taps into reserves which your body keeps on tap as a precautionary backup energy and power supply. Depleting this supply constantly will quickly burn a body out, much like a race car always red-lining. But your body is not a machine and you can’t simply swap out parts when they break down or wear out. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Level 9 Personal Training instuctor Jed Miller frequently answers the common question What is Level 9:

Level 9 Personal Training is a fitness training system developed by Jed Miller, an established Long Beach CA Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. The Level 9 system involves many forms of exercise and combines various workout techniques. The bottom line is this: Level 9 Personal Training = result

Our Long Beach Personal Trainers combine intense exercise sessions with sensible eating habits in order to produce ultra fast results. Every client who follows the Level 9 guidelines for proper fitness and nutrition will undoubtedly experience mind blowing results, no matter what each client plans to accomplish. Each Level 9 client sets their own fitness goals in order to further promote personal accountability, a trait that will stay with clients even if they decide to train on their own. Jed Miller strives to help individuals form new, life long habits for continued success.

Level 9 specializes in weight loss, lean muscle development, improved balance and flexibility, increased strength and stamina, better mental function and much more. A Nutritionist is also available for those clients who wish to work one on one with their very own food specialist every step of the way.

With so many training options Level 9 Personal Training has a solution for everyone! L9 provides 1-on-1 Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, Boot Camps and much more. Level 9 has built a reputation on producing results based on the hard work and personal accountability of every client.


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The answer to what is Level 9 training correctly has to do with understanding a dynamic approach to personal training developed by Jed Miller. Training with pure intensity, while never completely ‘maxing out’ is the center of Jed’s fitness program and it’s the reason his clients always get results without ever burning out. This training style involves developing a strong mind-body connection and learning to work past comfort but staying just shy of pain. With Jed as your Long Beach personal trainer you’ll find your perfect training intensity day after day. This intensity level is level 9.

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