Belmont Shore Personal Trainers

Belmont Shore Personal Trainer

Level 9 Belmont Shore Personal Trainers provide Controlled intensity dynamic personal training, the foundation for Level 9 Fitness…and YOUR RESULTS.

Try the unique training method designed for the best personal trainer experience in Belmont Shore. You’ll wish you found this system years ago. People rave about this Belmont Shore program year after year.

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Belmont Shore Personal Trainers


WHY LEVEL 9 Belmont Shore Personal Trainers

L9 Belmont Shore personal trainers are available in Long Beach California, as well as the surrounding areas. In addition to being a 90803 personal trainer L9 offers boot camps and other programs. Jed Miller a background in the areas of personal training, self defense, nutrition and health consciousness as well and has worked with some of the most elite health & fitness companies in the industry.


  • Expert Personal Trainers with years of experience
  • Cutting edge approach to physical fitness
  • Training options – individual, group, at home, aquatic
  • Nutritional guidance – all the tools you need to succeed
  • Personalized approach – every client feels like our only client
  • Referral Rewards Program = FREE Sessions
  • Very affordable prices – personal training for any budget
  • Scheduling flexibility – variable or fixed schedules

Belmont Shore Personal Training Locations

Scheduling a consultation with Belmont Shore Personal Trainers is easy at Level 9. A fitness consultation is designed to assess a new client’s physical abilities at the start of a new fitness program in order to design a customized, totally personalized fitness plan. L9 Long Beach Personal Trainer services are generally available in Belmont Shore & Belmont Heights at Bluff Park in 90803 in addition to 90802, 90805, 90808, 90815 and other areas in Long Beach CA.

We’ll help you find your Level 9 and train there on a regular basis in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California. You’ll achieve the results you want quickly and safely. You’ll be amazed by what you’re capable of with proper guidance, motivation and a deep desire for change. Take the next step toward a brand new you. Contact L9 to set up your completely free consultation and we’ll design short term and long term fitness and nutrition plans based on your goals.  Showing up is the hardest part.  Show up, train hard and reap the benefits!

JM’s take on Belmont Shore

See what Jed Miller, creator of Level 9 Fitness has to say about training in Belmont Shore.

Someone recently asked me where my favorite place to work as a personal trainer has been, throughout my career.  Easy answer: Belmont Shore, Long Beach CA.

Jed Miller is primarily know throughout Belmont Shore and the entire Long Beach area as a Long Beach Outdoor Personal Trainer, in addition to an in home and private studio fitness trainer.

Belmont Shore is at the top of my list for so many reasons. Sure, I’ve worked in multi-million dollar high-end health clubs and that’s always been tons of fun too. Having wall to wall top of the line equipment to use with my clients (and myself) has always been nice but years ago when I came to Southern California I realized that taking it outside and using less equipment and more body weight is the way to train. There’s just something about exercising in the sunshine that seems to make tough workouts a little more enjoyable.

All for Belmont Shore VIP Clients

As a Belmont Shore Personal Trainer I can help my clients get the results they want using my Mixed Method Muscle Confusion program outdoors. I’ve trained outdoors in years past but Belmont Shore is just the perfect place for it.  Near 2nd Street there are a few grassy areas that seem to have just the right energy. The people in the neighborhood are always so nice and many of them have become my clients over the years.  Sometimes people sign up for personal training and confess that they’ve driven by and seen me training clients a hundred times before they stop and ask for my card. Once they’ve started their program they always wish they has started sooner.

If you’re in Belmont Shore and you happen to see me training a client or conducting a Long Beach L9 Boot Camp feel free to stop and say hi. You might also run into me at Bluff Park, Bixby Park and a few other great places near Belmont Shore and Belmont Heights. Plus I’m available for in-home personal training when my schedule permits.

I hope to see you soon!  If you have questions about personal training or my boot camp contact me.


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