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If you know you deserve the very best personal trainer money can buy in Long Beach California you’re making a safe investment in Level 9 Fitness, and in yourself.

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YOU NEED the Best Personal Trainer

Hiring the best personal trainer in Long Beach CA will ensure the level of service and professionalism you deserve. Why settle for anything less than the best? And while you’re at it go for the best locations too, with outdoor personal training.


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Demand only the best personal trainer in Long Beach CA, with knowledge, experience and track record of success. Level 9 is the elite personal training system in Long Beach California.

You have a very special opportunity to work with a trainer who will commit themselves to your fitness success. We’ll be there every step of the way. But only if you’re willing to take the first step and request a trial session.


LEARN About LB’s Favorite Personal Trainer

You can work with the Best of the Best Personal Trainers in Long Beach CA. If you’re willing to give your best effort at every Long Beach personal trainer session you’ve found your fitness solution. You can choose personal training, in-home training or Boot Camp in Long Beach CA.

You’ll be training with Fitness Professionals, qualified and experienced Personal Trainers. Over the past decade Level 9 Fitness has consistently delivered results, with a side of FUN.

The SIMPLE TRUTH is Level 9 Fitness take our clients success very seriously. Our job is to deliver results by helping people transform themselves in body and mind.

Your program is designed specifically for YOU. Your personalized program is always based on your own goals.

We love to train outdoors in Long Beach CA. Enjoy outdoor personal training at beautiful locations like Bluff Park. Training outside at great locations in Belmont Shore Long Beach California 90803 offers an unbeatable view.


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