Core Classes Long Beach CA

Core Classes Long Beach CA

Core classes Long Beach CA to finally RESTORE YOUR CORE to the strongest & leanest it has ever been, and beyond!

Since 2008 Level 9 has delivered group exercise boot camps, ab classes and core conditioning to meet the needs and growing demand for core classes in Belmont Shore.
This class makes a great companion to Outdoor Long Beach Personal Training too.


$169 / month (non-members)

2X / Week

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    Core Classes Long Beach CA

    What to Bring to Core Restore

    You’ll need to bring a Can Do Attitude, a yoga mat, water and 2 light dumb bells (5 to 8 pounds). Enjoy an ocean view while you greatly improve your core strength, balance and overall physical performance & abilities. If you’re also following a clean meal plan your 6 pack abs will soon be visible, just in time for summer.

    Precautions for Core Classes

    Consult your health care professional before working with a Long Beach Personal Trainer or entering core classes Long Beach CA by level 9 Personal Training or any other fitness program. If you have back problems or injuries you should not join this core class. Always use your best judgement and do not over train your core or any part of your body. Building a strong core is not the same as simply working on your abs. True core training involves going beyond traditional crunches and sit-ups to build a strong set of abs. In this core restore Long Beach core classes program you’ll be put through rigorous routines to not only enhance strength but also improve core power, balance and coordination in multiple movements. You’ll be improving your entire body through functional training. Always strive for progress, not perfection.

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