Welcome to Boot Camp

Welcome to Boot Camp

Welcome to Boot Camp! Thanks for putting your faith in us to help you reach your fitness goals.You’ve made a decision to earn your results at boot camp Long Beach classes by Level 9 Fitness.

Meet Your Trainer – Welcome to Boot Camp

Your primary Fitness Instructor for the program you joined is Jed Miller, with a possibility of limited substitutions…don’t worry, if Jed ever lets someone sub for his Level 9 Boot Camp they’re going to be top notch.

Your Mixed Method Muscle Confusion Program Will Help You With:

  • Toning & Sculpting
  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Total Body Conditioning for Stamina and Endurance
  • Fat Loss
  • Improved Flexibility & Balance
  • Increased Energy


Your Boot Camp Game Face

Be ready to show up and put in work. This is not a fluff boot camp. At the same time SMILES are not uncommon at this bootcamp program. The feeling of accomplishment and the rush of doing hard workouts is almost impossible to describe.

The Long Beach Jed Miller Boot Camp group fitness training program is tough but fun and exciting too.  The Level 9 fitness program by Jed Miller in Long Beach and Los Angeles is a totally unique system for ongoing results for people of all fitness levels.  When you join the L9 Boot Camp you’ll be joining like-minded positive people who share your determination to succeed.  You’ll soon know that the hardest part is showing up.  The rest just sort of happens.  You’ll quickly get into the Zone where you just keep pushing through, no matter what it takes, just like all of your new boot camp friends.  You’ll be a part of a team of great people who want you to make it to the next level.  Before you know it the session is over and you’ve added another victory to your life.  One session at a time, one rep at a time, you’ll soon feel and look better than you ever imagined you could.

Bring a yoga mat, 2 dumb bells (8lbs is best for most people), 1 resistance band with handles and of course plenty of water.

If you have questions before you start your program call or text Jed Miller at 562-787-9400


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