How to Easily Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

How to Easily Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Now more than ever, hygiene and cleanliness provide us with some security when it comes to staying healthy and feeling as safe as possible. These days, you’ll see hand sanitizers everywhere you look. Sanitizers are and it makes good sense to use them when you’re out shopping, working with your personal trainer in the gym, or at the playground with your kids. Sure, sanitizers are plentiful but often times they’re so strong they burn when you apply even the smallest amount. And many of them smell awful, even when masked by lemon or aloe vera scents. Plus those masking scents are often a chemical concoction, not real aloe vera and other essential oils.

Let’s Learn How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer Gel

I decided to go with aloe vera, instead of glycerin, because the natural properties of aloe vera. If you decide to try out the method I’ll outline below just keep in mind I’m not an expert, nor do I have specific studies on medicines, pharmacology, etc. I wanted to make a hand and face sanitizer which isn’t too harsh. A harsher blend can interfere with my manicures and facials if I need to use the gel on my face at any point. So, keeping these considerations in mind, I stated to formulate my very own hand sanitizer.

Making Hand Sanitizer Gel from Scratch

How to Easily Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

To make the hand sanitizing gel at home, the first thing is to gather all the ingredients together. You can purchase them on various websites, pharmacies, and also your local supermarkets.

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The selected ingredients all have beneficial properties. Together, they are transformed into a gel that disinfects hands and mini-surfaces such as coins, online order packages, etc.

96-degree alcohol is a powerful antiseptic, and bactericide, and is indicated for healthy skin. Tea tree essential oil is beneficial both for health and for cleaning the home, as it provides strong protection for:

  • antibacterial
  • fungicidal
  • antiviral
  • healing agent
  • natural insect repellent

Pure aloe vera is extracted from the pulp of the aloe vera plant, from the Asphodelaceae family, and in this formula, it offers the ideal means to add alcohol and essential oil, providing the desired texture, in addition, all the properties to the gel hand sanitizer.

Pure aloe vera for topical use provides medicinal and cosmetic properties; above all, it is indicated to improve skin problems such as dehydration, sun irritation, burns, bites, acne, etc. It can also be eaten pure to improve constipation and stomach problems such as ulcers.

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Essential oils healing properties have been know for centuries, adding them to your homemade hand sanitizer will help keep you healthy while still smelling great!

  • 8 – 10 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel half a liter from Iberomed
  • 5 – 6 tablespoons of 96 proof alcohol from the drugstore
  • 5 drops of organic tea tree essential oil
  • 1-2 recyclable plastic containers to hold the resulting hand sanitizer

Tricks and Tips for Making Hand Sanitizer

How to Easily Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils


  • Make it more powerful by varying the percentages, that is, with 60% alcohol at 96 degrees, to ensure its effectiveness, you just have to keep in mind that it will be more aggressive.
  • Choose any aroma for the hand sanitizing gel. Change the recipe to another essential oil. Use lavender, citrus, etc. ans I will always recommend tea tree essential oil, thanks to the properties it offers.
  • Make more quantity if desired, taking into account the proportions.
  • Choose jars of different sizes, for the bag or pocket when leaving home for essential tasks such as going to the market, etc.
  • Leave a bottle of hand sanitizing gel at the entrance of the house, to proceed to disinfect everything before advancing at home.
  • Use it to disinfect day-to-day materials outside the home, such as car steering wheels, etc.
  • I use organic ingredients, but you can use the common ones.
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Conclusion on Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer

How to Easily Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

As you can see this process is simple and you’ll have total control over the potency. You can easily make your own hand sanitizer and save some money in the process.

Enjoy this project when you’re feeling like taking on a fun and easy project at home.



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