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When is the best time to exercise?


The best time to exercise is a time that you know you can stick with and form a pattern.

Long term results come from long term habits so pick a time you know you can fully commit to.

Early Morning: There’s actually no reliable evidence that proves calories are burned more efficiently at any certain times of day, despite the fact that many people think that exercising early is a key to getting great results.  Early morning cardio or resistance training sessions on an empty stomach can put you in s state of ketosis, meaning your body will burn stored fat for energy, instead of digested food because you haven’t eaten yet.  This can be risky and not all people can perform well (or at all) on an empty stomach.  Use Caution.

Mid to Late Morning: This can be a great time to exercise because if you’re eating properly you’ve already had 2 small meals or 1 meal and 1 snack.  Your breakfast will power you through your workout and energy levels are generally high for most active people.

Mid Day to Early Afternoon: Much like a mid-morning workout you’ll be timing your workout so your most recent meal will give you energy and power.  This means you need to allow time for digestion before your workout.  Some people love to exercise mid-day because they feel the best mental focus.  To increase your focus you can also have green tea pre-workout.

Late Afternoon to Evening: The thinking here is that you’ll burn off all those unwanted calories you’ve been consuming all day.  While this can work your primary goal for exercising should never be to make up for bad choices you’ve made during the day.  Stay on a clean nutrition plan and you’ll never be “covering your tracks” with a workout.

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Side Note: I do my workouts mostly at night, sometimes doubles mid-day and evening.  I prefer later workouts because at the end of my super busy work days my workouts are a way for me to clear my head.  So for me the timing of workouts has to do with mental advantages more than physical.


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