Exercise Anywhere: A Pandemic Fitness Guide

Exercise Anywhere Pandemic Fitness Guide

In times of stress and uncertainty, exercise is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Not only does it improve your health, but it also has a proven ability to reduce the intensity of anxiety and depression. Right now, everyone’s experiencing a heavy dose of anxiety, as COVID-19 is still a serious threat.

It’s vital to have a positive coping mechanism. Regular exercise is a great, healthy way to recenter, focus your mind, and work out some of your pent-up adrenaline. Here’s a look at a few great exercises you can do no matter where you are.

Fitness Programs

Do you need guidance for that extra boost? Check out these programs and classes.

⦁ Crush your workout goals with customized training from Level 9 Personal Training.
⦁ There are tons of online exercise videos the whole family can enjoy together.

Walking and Running
Getting out and about in your neighborhood can give your mood a major boost.

Running and walking are generally accepted as safe, socially distanced exercises.
⦁ According to ZenBusiness, you can stick to a solid running routine by starting with short workouts and gradually adding onto the duration and level of intensity.
⦁ Ideally, you should run outside, where you will enjoy additional benefits.
Attach your phone to an armband so you can listen to music or podcasts hands-free while working out.


A daily yoga routine can help you find your center.

⦁ Yoga improves strength, mobility, and flexibility, which are indicators of a long lifespan.
⦁ Fitting a short session into your morning routine can prepare you for the day.
⦁ Consider taking online yoga classes to guide you through your practice.

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Weight Lifting

You can build strength, gym or no gym.

⦁ Strength training comes with myriad benefits.
⦁ If you don’t have weights, you may be able to use these common household items.
⦁ You can also look into bodyweight strength training if you’d prefer to skip gear entirely.

It may be a while yet before we’re all the way back to normal. However, making sure you keep room in your routine for exercise does wonders for maintaining a sense of routine and, more importantly, keeps those anxiety levels low. Bookmark these exercises and turn to them whenever you’re starting to feel a little too stir crazy: Cabin fever doesn’t stand a chance.

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