What Is Biohacking Plus the 3 Best Biohacks You Can Do Starting Today

What is Biohacking - Best Methods

Biohacking is a term that might sound a bit scary at first. Although biohacking sounds like something in the future attempts to biohack the mind and body date back to the early 1900s. Though the definition of biohacking is broad- depending on who, why, and how they use it- biohacking undeniably aims at improving one’s health, body, and mind. It can be as simple as meditation, intermittent fasting, fitness training and the crazy ones like hanging upside down to high-tech young blood transfusion, DNA injections, and microchip implants.

As I am now in the “Fit Over 40” category, I’m increasingly drawn to the many possibilities of biohacking myself. As I explore biohacking I’ve been experimenting with the methods I’ll mention below.

What Is Biohacking?

Biohacking or do-it-yourself biology- is enhancing your body by changing your biology through science and technology. In other words, biohacking is empowering the body for better cognitive and physical performance by self-experimentation. You can also call it an upgrade, and there are different ways and techniques to biohacking. However, the three most popular types of biohacking are DIY biology, nutrigenomics, and grinder.

Three Best Biohacking Tricks

The need for biohacking mainly arises from the never-ending human need to feel better to have a better lifestyle. For instance, have you ever wondered about improving your sleep or slowing down your aging? Without conventional medicines? Biohacking does it by hacking our biology. So do you want to give it a try? If yes, here are the three best biohacking tricks that are safe and easy to try.

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1. Unlock the Full Power of Your Brain With Nootropics

The need for better performance, be it learning, focus, memory, motivation, or mental clarity and processing- is always on demand. And Nootropics is the way to achieve them as they biohack your brain without any side effects.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are closely related to smart drugs. They are natural supplements that support, protect and enhance both brain health and processing. They improve your brain’s performance and enable sharp thinking skills and memory. Did you know? Coffee is also a nootropic. Dark roasted coffees are considered the best for improving cognitive skills and brain health. So, if you are a coffee lover, you may have hacked your brain all these days.

2. Try Cold Therapy

You must be familiar with athletes using ice baths and cold showers, but do you also know they are biohacks? Yes, they are called cold therapy. So cold therapy or cryotherapy is exposing yourself to cold temperatures for a short time. Biohackers use it to improve their overall health without supplements and performance-enhancing drugs.

Cold therapy works by narrowing the blood vessels(vasoconstriction), which helps maintain a healthy blood flow. In other words, it encourages the endorphin rush. It also reduces muscle inflammation and pain and improves immunity and metabolism. You sure can try by taking an ice bath or shower for at least three minutes a day.

3. Refine Your Sleep Routine

A quality bedtime is one of the easiest biohacks you can follow to improve the way your mind and body works. We all know that brain needs sound sleep to function normally. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is compulsory for the brain to repair neurons and reinvigorate neural connections.

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So one way to biohack your sleep is by maintaining your circadian cycle. And how to maintain it?
Say goodbye to your night lamps and artificial lights while sleeping.

Get as much natural light as possible in the daytime to balance the sleep-wake cycle.


Biohacking is generally safe. However, before experimenting with any biohacking method, know your needs and do enough research to avoid risks.


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