Sticking to Your Guns When It Comes to Your Health and Wellness Goals

Deciding on a healthy lifestyle is one thing, staying resolute in your decisions is another thing altogether. Furthermore, our environment can play a vital role in how well we achieve our health and wellness goals. More specifically, it is the condition of our homes that can influence our emotions for the better or for the worst. So, we might as well put as much effort as we can into maintaining conditions that are conducive to our goals, rather than detracting from them.

Here’s how to go about transforming your home into your sanctuary, presented to you below by Level 9 Personal Training with the goal of helping you be your best self.


Decluttering Can Make All the Difference in the World

While keeping miscellaneous stuff for a rainy day may feel like the most logical thing to do, it can become too easy to fall into the trap of accumulating items needlessly and eventually haphazardly holding onto such items just for the sake of keeping them. This can ultimately end up resulting in an enormous pile of mess (and stress). The solution, of course, lies in decluttering your now-crowded space, reforming it to its former glory whilst destressing your mind and emotions in the process. Disposing of those items you no longer need and keeping those things that are especially important to you is one way to get this process of elimination started. Furthermore, you could always create a donation pile for those things you’d like to pass on to someone else who could still benefit from them. Alternatively, you could free some space in your closet by having a garage sale, for example.

Natural Versus Artificial Light

Health and Wellness Goals - Natural Light VS Artificial Lighting

While many of us tend to spend the majority of our time indoors, it is still essential to ensure we get sufficient sunlight every day. Neuroscience News notes that natural light is great for concentration and is a natural mood booster too. So, if you happen to work at home, try to let in as much natural light as possible to help you stay even more focused than before. In addition to this, the serotonin in natural sunlight can also help you get a better night’s rest. Adding infrared sauna therapy can give you many benefits as infrared light can help detoxify your skin. Infrared sauna is also believed to aid in weight loss but more research is needed.

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Team Up with a Personal Trainer

When it comes to health and wellness, there’s nothing like getting enough exercise. Signing up with a personal trainer helps in goal setting and staying accountable. What’s more, having a professional by your side to guide you through proven strategies to getting as fit as possible can take you to a whole new level. Reach out to Certified Master Fitness Trainer Jed Miller at Level 9 Personal Training and get started right away!

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Meet Your Career Goals

If you have goals like achieving that elusive college-level degree, but pursuing them seems too daunting or even impossible, stress and anxiety can build around your hesitance to go farther. Now may be the time to draw a line in the sand and finally go for it.

Health and Wellness Goals - Going Back to School

You can sharpen your skills by going back to school and enrolling in an online degree program. For example, by enrolling in an MBA program, you can develop your knowledge of business, strategy, and management, along with learning about leadership, self-awareness, and self-assessment.

Making Your Bedroom a Place of Respite

Health and Wellness Make Your Bedroom a Place of Respite

Getting enough rest every night may not seem that important. But when it comes to looking and feeling your best, Reviewlution points out that there is a noticeable difference between getting four to five hours of sleep a night as opposed to the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Moreover, the state of your bedroom will undoubtedly play a significant role in determining how many of those hours will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated or not. This may mean banning all forms of technology when you decide to call it a night to avoid unwanted distractions, and turning your bedroom into a calming sanctuary devoid of harsh light and anything else that may make falling asleep (and getting a good night’s sleep) a challenge.

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If you discover that back pain or discomfort is causing you to miss out on a good night’s sleep, there are options you can explore. For example, book an appointment with a chiropractor to see if you’ll benefit from chiropractic care, or check into massage therapy or Reiki natural healing. These options could help you unlock the secret to restful sleep.

Create a Meditation Space

If you’re prone to feeling stressed out more often than not, then creating a meditation space in your home can do wonders for your mental, physical and emotional health. When choosing a meditation area in your home, it should be neat, orderly, and clutter-free.

Health and Wellness - Create Meditation Space

In other words, less is more, especially if you want to practice the art of yoga, for instance. Speaking of which, if you are looking for a relaxing exercise regime that also has immune-boosting benefits, yoga would be it. Yoga is known to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, which can compromise our immune systems if left unchecked. Furthermore, according to yoga enthusiasts, just 20 minutes of yoga a day is sufficient to start seeing (and feeling) tangible results.

In conclusion, looking and feeling happier and healthier will require commitment. But it is possible if you are determined to stick with it and do the work that is required to achieve your goals. Moreover, it’s about saying ‘yes’ on those days when you’d rather do the opposite and choosing the path of most resistance, when the path of least resistance would be easier. And once you get into the habit of it, you’ll soon be pushing yourself further than you could have ever imagined, and achieve your goals sooner than you might have expected to.

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