Workout Checklist – Get Organized, Stay On Track Starting NOW

Workout Checklist

If you’ve fallen short of your goals in the past so what, don’t dwell on it. Using a workout checklist can double your chances for success. My fitness boot camp classes in long beach might offer you the perfect amount of structure in your journey to become more fit and healthy.  An example of a workout checklist can help you organize the process. My boot camp and personal training clients have many different goals from weight loss to sculpting and toning or to become more flexible and balanced.  Others just want to be more healthy and energized. They all individually benefit from a workout checklist to keep them on track.


1. Fully Commit to Your Workout Program

Always remember that today counts most. If you have regrets about a missed workout or a false start on a workout program drop that thought immediately and get excited about TODAY. If you’ve fallen short of your goals in the past, partly by not following a strict workout checklist that’s all over with now.

Start fresh and make sure you keep a positive attitude no matter what obstacles stand in your way.  Nothing will stop you if you’ve got the right mind set. We’ve all been through stuff that was difficult or challenging but that’s in the past, it can’t stop you right now, today.

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Fix your vocabulary around fitness

If you’ve had a few false starts in the past consider the dialogue you used with yourself and others. Eliminate saying (and eventually even thinking) phrases like

“Hopefully I can exercise today” or “Maybe I’ll get in a workout after work” or “I should be able to jog sometime today” etc.

This type of dialogue leaves you an easy out and guess what..? You’re very likely to take the out you offered yourself earlier.

Work on making positive statements such as “I definitely will do 4 workouts this week, no matter what”

2. Set your workouts as appointments

Set your firm schedule of workout days and times at the beginning of each week. Using a workout schedule app make it a no-brainer. Don’t plan more than a week at a time, to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Always have a Plan B just in case Plan A gets screwed up (and it will sometimes).  Always mark your calendar. Set your workout appointments at a realistic time which you’re most likely to be able to follow through. Maybe doesn’t cut it because you’re leaving yourself an easy out.

3. Separate yourself from people who shed a negative light on exercise

…they’re probably just jealous anyway. Some people you’ll encounter will have a surprising response when they find out you’re working out. They might even urge you to hold off starting a fitness program. Sounds bizarre right? But it does happen. This may be a result of their own failed attempts to exercise. And by all means avoid a negative workout buddy. More on that below.

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4. Find a workout partner with similar goals and lots of motivation

A negative workout partner can’t be counted on to stay on track. It’s not their fault and we’re all on our own journey. Don’t blame them, but don’t join them either. If you can’t find a friend or co-worker who’s ready to go all-in 100% consider hiring a Personal Trainer!

5. Keep a workout log and food journal

Maintaining an up-to-date food journal including ALL food and drinks throughout the day, as well as accurate time stamps, will keep you aware and accountable for every meal, snack and drink. Documenting your success will motivate you to keep it up and achieve more. There are a few ways to incorporate a food journal into your daily routine. You can use an app or even stick to old school pen and paper. Another option is a white board, so you’re forced to see it consistently. The benefits of food journaling are well documented and it’s a key part of hitting your goals.

 Summing Up Your Workout Checklist

By closely following these steps for yourself or your personal trainer you’ll have total accountability and less room for error.

Stay with it, You can do this!

If you want some extra help text me at 562-787-9400 and we’ll take on this challenge together!


Jed Miller

Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Blogger and all around fitness and health nut. In addition to highly personalized fitness training, JM has worked in health club management as well as corporate wellness.

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