How to Take Care of Your Feet

How To Take Care of Your Feet

Foot Care: Take Care of Your Feet, And They’ll Take Care of You

Your feet are not the most dazzling part of your body, but they are the real workhorses of the body. It’s easy to take your feet for granted.

The infographic by Dansko shown below shares various points that show just how complex and important your feet really are. Your feet comprise one quarter of the bones in your entire body plus they have more a thousand nerves. On average, a person walks over one hundred thousand miles over the course of  lifetime. Foot care is essential and deserves a high level of care and attention.

Part of foot care is making sure you wear the right shoes with optimal support. For the best support you might opt for shoe inserts for the perfect fit. If you’re on your feet the majority of the day, you should always wear clean, high quality socks to wick moisture and keep your feet moisture free.

The infographic highlights other ideas for footcare that are not very common such as not wearing the same shoes every day, and also not sharing shoes with friends, relatives, teammates, or anyone else.

For additional foot-care tips check out the infographic below.


Graphic created by Dansko.



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