Is Marijuana Beneficial as a Workout Supplement?


Marijuana is becoming more and more popular in the fields of health and fitness. The fact that people are starting to openly use marijuana as a workout supplement has to do with a new-found interest in everything CBD and the legalization of marijuana finally being widespread.

In fact, marijuana has been linked to the bodybuilding culture for decades now, which is why there’s so much debate about whether marijuana is a beneficial workout supplement that can help you reach your fitness goals. Studies and literature examining cannabis use in exercise engagement are on the rise, keeping pace with legalization.

The Effects of Marijuana as a Workout Supplement

Marijuana and fitness activity, contrary to popular belief, are a great pairing. THC and CBD have an effect on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This is the system that affects sleep, appetite, immune functions, pain sensation and temperature regulation, among other processes.


CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system play an important role in regulating your appetite. THC and CBD interact with cannabinoid receptors, which increase your appetite. If you’re a regular weed smoker, then this is why you get the munchies.

Now, when it comes to bodybuilding, many people need to increase their mass. Marijuana can help you with this if you’re someone who doesn’t benefit from a healthy and regular appetite. However, you will need to make sure the food you eat is in line with your nutrition plan.

If you munch on high fat, high carb, low protein foods, you risk gaining more fat than anything else. It must also be noted that chronic marijuana use can actually decrease appetite, so make sure you’re disciplined with it if you want the benefits.


Marijuana as a Workout Supplement

It must be noted that certain types of cannabis can have negative impacts on performing by reducing concentration, decreasing reaction time, impairing hand-eye coordination, and lowering stamina. This means that you need to understand your needs and choose your strain of marijuana accordingly.

So, let’s say you lack motivation to work out and you don’t have the stamina for it. A sativa will provide that boost and it will aid your performance. If your problem lies in winding down and getting some rest, then an indica is what you need. It will help you sleep better and aid muscle recovery so you can go back to the gym without an issue.

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When it comes to using marijuana as a workout supplement, the last thing you want to do is use it right after a training session. This is because marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties, and it will get rid of that inflammation and damage your muscles need to recover bigger and stronger.

Inflammation is necessary for muscle growth, so you don’t want to discourage that. It would become a problem if you’re chronically inflamed or if you don’t give your body a chance to return to normal. If you push your limits regularly and you tend to over-train, marijuana will help you recover quickly and it will reduce pains and aches. For the same reasons, marijuana can help you recover from injuries faster as well.

Injury Recovery

Injuries are common in the fitness world, even for people who don’t have major fitness goals to achieve. Recovery is a part of the workout, and marijuana can help you with that. THC extracts are effective when it comes to reducing pain and they’re less addictive than smoking.

Using cannabis for recovery is actually a healthy choice. It won’t only reduce inflammation and pain, it will also help you sleep better and have a better performance the next day. This is a better alternative than prescription drugs or alcohol when it comes to dealing with pain. It’s natural and you can consume it in many different ways, which makes it easy for non-smokers to adopt.

The Bottom Line on Marijuana as a Workout Supplement

It must be noted that there’s not much research on the benefits of marijuana as a workout supplement. The available information shows that it has some benefits, which is what we’ve discussed today.

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What you need to do is understand your needs, find a strain that suits those needs, a method of consumption you can enjoy, and be disciplined with your use. Whether you need better sleep, faster recovery or more appetite, marijuana has its benefits. However, until there’s more information and further studies are done, there’s still much to speculate about marijuana as a workout supplement.

If you make a plan for marijuana use and integrate it with your workouts and your entire bodybuilding routine, you will enjoy the benefits of marijuana. However, you can’t do this blindly. You need to know what your goals are and work towards them with every tool at your disposal.

The conversation on marijuana use is shifting all the time. The primary focus of the drug continues to be its medicinal properties, many of which focus on the treatment of Alzheimer’s and cancer, among other diseases. But one aspect of marijuana use has been largely neglected, and that’s what it can do for athletic and physical performance.

The stigma that surrounds marijuana makes many people believe that using it will make you lazy, fat, and slow. But that’s not the case at all; not if there’s a purpose to your marijuana use. There are more than 483 components and a complete spectrum of marijuana strains, surely you’ll be able to find the most beneficial one for you.

Today, marijuana continues to be illegal both in most of the country and also on a federal level. Until this changes, the benefits of THC and CBD will continue to be a bit obscure. However, we remain hopeful for what’s to come.

Marijuana’s legalization will continue and little by little, the stigma will be cleared. We will see an increase in use and an increase in studies that will shed light on marijuana’s benefits as a workout supplement. Until then, make sure you get familiar with the available literature.


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