3 Step Method to Reach Your Fitness Goals Fast

Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals Fast

I was recently inspired to post this info because all of my Personal Training clients are so amazing and they know what it takes to achieve their fitness goals. You all know who you are 🙂 You show up and train hard, no matter what. My hat is off to you because in all of my years in the fitness industry doing 1-on-1 and group exercise one thing has remained true:


Those who dig deep to find the motivation and self discipline to deny themselves the option to make excuses will always reap the benefits


Develop a Healthy Mind and Body

We all know fitness promotes health. And in addition to having a healthy body fitness can help promote a healthy mind and sense of well being. It’s important for you to remember that in many studies related to exercise fighting depression over the years have proven fitness to be an outstanding method of combating depression, anxiety and low energy levels.  Those are no longer excuses to avoid exercise, they’re reasons to start getting fit.

Power Through Workout Set-Backs

Let’s face it, you’re going to have a set back once in a while, or a particular challenge, or a reason to miss an appointment. But that’s never a reason to lose your momentum. If your goal is weight loss and something always interrupts your progress or you’re training to get stronger and there’s always something in the way – that something is You.

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Start Definitively Planning for Success

The good news is you can change with proper planning and the desire to form new and positive habits. Those clients who seem to always stay on track no matter what life throws their way are the ones who understand the importance of momentum. Staying focused on your goals and continuing to work hard to meet and exceed those goals should be a habit, a way of living.


3 Step Methods to Smash Your Fitness Goals

As a Fitness Professional with a background in Personal Training, Boot Camp Instructing, Partner Training, Corporate Wellness and Health Club Management I can tell you that I’ve heard every excuse in the book.  With my clients I have a simple three-step system for dealing with this. BTW I should tell you that this method has worked for countless people with all types of health and fitness goals. It absolutely will work for you if you genuinely want it to.  How bad do you want to change?

Step 1 – Define Obstacles

Grab a pen and some paper, or use your notes feature on your phone. Make a list of every single obstacle that could potentially stand in the way of your fitness success.  This includes reasons for missing your workouts and reasons you might not follow your nutrition program….go ahead, do that and then we’ll continue.

Step 2 – Defeat Obstacles

Alright, so you’ve written down all of the set backs and problems that might come up.  I hope you were honest and detailed with your list. No what I want you to do is find another color pen.  Great, now the next step is to go back through your list and write the solution for every obstacle.  Simple right?

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Step 3 – Daily Affirmations

Repeat your excuses/solutions list to yourself out loud twice daily for at least 30 days.

By writing down each obstacle and then solving the problem ahead of time you’ve effectively rearranged your self sabotage part of your brain (no offense, we all have it).  You’ve erased potential excuses before you can even make them.  This is essentially a planning exercise.  Proper planning is where most people go wrong, that’s been the case with almost everyone who has failed to meet their fitness and dieting goals.

Sample ‘Excuses/Solutions’ List


I might have to work late I will join a flexible or unlimited boot camp program
I’m so stressed after work I won’t want to work out I will look forward to destressing with a tough workout
It’s hard to wake up early to go to my training session I will go to bed a little earlier so I’m well rested and ready for training
I don’t have enough energy to exercise I know that if I stick to my program regularly my body will start to buzz with extra energy
I’m on the road a lot, it’s hard to eat right I will pack healthy meals and snacks for my time on the road
I really like some foods that aren’t good for me I’ll look forward to my planned cheat meal and reward myself




Jed Miller

Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Blogger and all around fitness and health nut. In addition to highly personalized fitness training, JM has worked in health club management as well as corporate wellness.

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