Infrared Sauna – 7 Reasons I Love It & How I Maximize My Results

Infrared Sauna Long Beach CA

If you’re a wellness fanatic like me, you’ve probably heard about infrared sauna pod systems. Or, you’ve most likely seen photos of them all over Instagram lately. While models and influencers are joining the sweating craze, you may be wondering whether these infrared sauna pod benefits are worth the hype.

As with any well-publicized therapy, assessing if the often stated advantages are genuine or merely a paid-for fiction of an influencer’s imagination is essential. So I chose to give it a chance to see whether the infrared sauna pod benefits lived up to its claims.

As a Long Beach CA personal trainer, nothing beats an excellent 30-minute infrared sauna sweat session at my local Day Spa called Ambiance Skin Care. The heat helps soothe my sore muscles and enhance my general health and well-being. After I finish, I start feeling calmer and refreshed.

For me, the stress release aspects are just as important as all the other benefits I’ll outline below. In this thread, I’ll tell why I love the infrared sauna and how I maximize my results to squeeze out the full benefits.

What Is an Infrared Sauna Pod and How Does It Work?

A traditional multi-person infrared sauna is a wooden box with infrared heaters to cleanse and cure the body and increase mood. Unlike conventional sauna rooms I prefer individual sauna systems. The single-person system I use at my local day spa is a system I lay down in, called an infrared sauna pod. Traditional systems utilize steam or dry heat to warm a room, unlike sauna pods.

Infrared sauna pod benefits employ infrared heat lamps in the enclosed space which surrounds my body like a cocoon to directly elevate body temperature and detox me from the inside out.

As Personal Fitness Trainer based in Long Beach California, I’m always seeking out the best and latest technology in the health and wellness space. Infrared pod is the latest technology in saunas. The pod heat is relatively mild. It feels like you’re lying in the sun on a hot day and feeling the warmth radiate to your core. Unlike conventional hot rock or steam saunas, which run at temperatures far beyond 200°F, infrared heat is adequate at temperatures between 100° to 150°F, which means it’s less likely to interfere with breathing and more likely to be bearable for the whole 30-minute session.

Infrared Sauna Benefits


Infrared systems are seven times more efficient in detoxifying the body than regular saunas because infrared heat penetrates human tissue rather than merely heating the skin’s surface. By elevating the body’s core temperature, infrared saunas may create a sweat that contains 20% toxins, compared to just 3% in a typical sauna.

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Loss of Weight

This is one of the main reasons for loving the pod as well as the two-person saunas. It turns out that relaxing in an infrared sauna helped me lose some weight. Bodyweight and body fat can be dramatically reduced after a few weeks of sauna treatment. This is related to a higher heart rate and the body trying (using calories) to cool itself.

A few studies seem to suggest people with average weight loss had increased caloric intake and better-eating behavior. This means infrared pod benefits may operate as a weight and appetite “balancer” by raising ghrelin (the hunger hormone) in individuals with a low appetite while maintaining ghrelin levels in obese people regulated.


Since infrared is so powerful at removing pollutants, it helps me with various health issues. The infrared lamps’ tremendous heat promotes circulation in the body, leading to enhanced metabolism, muscular and joint pain alleviation, a more robust immune system, and, of course, a decrease in stress and weariness.

Mood-Boosting Benefits

Infrared sauna pod benefits improved my collagen formation and mood, in addition to heat-induced detoxification, mainly if I use chromotherapy lamps throughout my treatment. Best of all, the mood-boosting effects are instantaneous; I start sweating and feeling the results within the first 10 minutes or so.

Relieves Pain

Chromotherapy (or light therapy) gets included in specific infrared sauna treatments. Light therapy gets utilized for certain illnesses inside the body, as well as for mood and enabling more energy to flow to specific chakras. Different colors of light get used in chromotherapy for various treatments. Blue LED light is excellent in killing acne-causing bacteria. Red LED light is effective for building collagen and alleviating pain.

Skin Tone Improvement

Infrared sauna pod benefits dilate blood vessels, allowing for better circulation throughout the body. This improved circulation assists in removing waste items and delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Infrared sauna treatment may help enhance skin tone and decrease wrinkles since my skin needs these nutrients to build collagen, which keeps my skin tight.

Improvement in Cardiovascular Function

Sauna treatment using infrared light can also be beneficial to the heart. The benefits are so substantial that studies have linked infrared sauna usage to a lower risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease, and even all-cause mortality.
The increased heart rate, blood flow, and better blood pressure in individuals who use infrared sauna treatment cause these results. Patients’ cardiac output in the sauna room gets compared to that of a vigorous walk, which was interesting.


How I Maximized Infrared Sauna Pod Benefits

I Steer Clear of Booze

It’s not a good idea to drink liquor before a visit. Having too much alcohol the day before might make you feel significantly dehydrated and uncomfortable in a sauna. From time to time I get asked the question

Is the sauna a hangover cure?” and the short answer yes, it can help your body recover from a wild night on the town. While this is absolutely not part of my routine, some people swear by it. The detoxification benefits are obvious, but there are serious risks too. Just remember to drink ample amounts of water if you use sauna as a hangover cure.

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Drink a Lot of water

I treat a sauna visit as sweaty exercise and drink more water than I would on a regular day. Because there is a lot of sweating staying hydrated is essential. Our Bluff Park personal trainer suggests drinking a liter of water every session, with part of it consumed just before entering. “If you’re thirsty when you come out of the sauna, you didn’t drink enough while you were in it.”

I Lay Flat and Keep my Back Straight

While I’m sometimes a side sleeper but when it comes to sauna pod sessions I lay completely flat on my back. I want as much infrared as possible absorbed by my body. Thus the infrared should be directed straight towards my body core, front, and rear with my arms and legs straight. The heaters will be referred directly towards the front and sides of my body evenly in this manner.

I Don’t Use my Phone

Smartphones are not permitted in infrared saunas because the light and heat may cause significant damage to the hardware. While some locations have Netflix or live TV in their boxes, try to avoid the temptations and enjoy the digital detox.

Sometimes I like to lay in there and contemplate, or even slip into a meditative state. Other times I prefer to lie down take a 30 minute nap.  A sauna nap can be so refreshing and restorative, just make sure you don’t sleep past your planned time.

Allow Myself for a Cool-down Period

Sweating is one of your body’s natural cleansing processes, and you want to wipe away all the toxins your body released, so your skin doesn’t absorb them again. When I plan my session, I ensure adequate time to return to my core temperature and wipe away the sweat. Depending on my session’s length, I need a 5- to 10-minute cool-down and a cold shower.

Suggested Weekly Sauna Routine

Visiting the sauna is pleasantly relaxing, but only regular visits achieve lasting positive effects: the immune system gets strengthened, the metabolism is activated, and the cardiovascular system is trained.

According to best standards, the infrared sauna should not get used more than twice a day. Use at least twice a week, beginning with 10-15 minutes and gradually increasing to 30-40 minutes. Even if you’re acclimated to it, staying in for more than 45 minutes at a time is not suggested, but you’ll have to do a few sessions to find your sweet spot.

You might experience some slight discomfort when you first get started, but hang in there, your body will acclimate to the heat. Your body will start to produce heat shock proteins, which can have a profound effect on a cellular level.

The Bottom Line about Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna pod benefits are one of the most pleasant ways to work up a sweat. Unlike typical steam or stone saunas, or even sauna blankets, Infrared sauna pod treatments are enjoyable from start to finish. They are less likely to leave you dizzy or short of breath. Furthermore, they give you that flushed, just-gotten-out-of-the-steam-room glow that we all want. I’ve gotten hooked on infrared sauna in Long Beach at Ambiance Day Spa, so check them out if you’re here in LA or Orange County. Or, if LBC is too far to travel do a simple search of “infrared sauna near me” and book your sessions.


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