Meet Molly and Take Notes

Molly - Level 9 VIP

Meet Molly M, a VIP Level 9 Fitness member and an inspiring firecracker of a woman.

I look forward to training Molly. Truth is I actually feel a little bummed out at the end of Molly’s sessions because I wish we had more time.

Molly started in boot camp and then started 1-on-1 personal fitness training with me.


Molly is one of my youngest clients by far, regardless of age and pointless numbers. We can all learn a lesson or two from her.


Here’s what Molly helps me realize:

  • If you focus on the fun and excitement of fitness training you’ll get awesome physical results as a welcome side effect.
  • Stress is nonsense. Sure, my CEO clients, business owners, corporate managers, team leaders and the occasional actor, etc. will disagree but here’s what I’m saying- It’s a choice to either manage your stress or let your stress manage you. Molly and I both know exercise can reduce stress and depression.
  • Smile first, smile more. Just freaking smile more. Molly smiles all session long, regardless of how much each exercise burns. When you smile often your physiology will follow suit and you’ll literally produce more feel-good chemicals. Challenge this point and call it silly all you want but there are studies to back it up.
  • Go harder. When things get tough for Molly during a personal training session she sometimes gets a little frustrated. It’s what happens next that makes her a true champion. She gets the concept of regrouping. So when Molly wants to scream at the top of her lungs I can’t do this Jed!!!” she calms down and decides to work harder. This decision takes her all of about 15 seconds and it’s like she’s brand new as she restarts the set.
  • Homework (self-motivated, self-trained workouts)- do your homework. This is something Molly understands. She knows there’s no excuse for skipping workouts, even if it’s just a walk around the block to bang out soreness. If you want an excuse to skip a workout there’s always one available. Do Not Use Excuses.
  • You’re never done. Molly and I have discussed the point of always striving for more. More results, a slimmer mid-section, extra energy, we’re never done.

In Molly’s Words…

Any type of workout is great for your heart, especially your heart. Start at your own pace and maintain a balanced diet along with it.

Really I could just go on and on of how much fun it is but you need to come out and experience it for yourself you won’t regret it!!!!

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Jed Miller

Multi-Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, fitness blogger and all around health and exercise nut. JM has worked in PT, health club management and corporate wellness for leading US pharmaceutical companies.

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