Compound Exercises Workout

When doing a compound exercises workout you’ll be saving time and burning more calories in less time. Compound exercises are combined movements which challenge more than one muscle group at a time. Level 9 Long Beach HIIT programs often include compound exercises.

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Compound Exercises Routine

Equipment: 2 dumb bells

  • 4 Sets reverse lunges + Arm Curls: 20 reps per forward leg
  • 4 Sets squats + Shoulder press: 20 reps per set
  • 4 Sets forward bend (dead lift) + front raise: 20 reps per set


  • 2 POWER SETS Raised Plank (push up position) + Row: Alternate for 20 reps per set. Start in a push up position while gripping your dumb bells intead of flat hands on the floor. Pull one dumb bell up to your rib cage, return it to the floor and immediately pull the other side the same way until you hit 20 reps. Rest 20 seconds and repeat.

More About Compound Exercises

What are Compound Exercises? Movements with body weight plus usually one other for of resistance, involving more than one but not limited to two muscle groups. This is different from isolation exercises.

Why use Compound Exercises? Using multiple movements simultaneously created a bigger response from the body, as you’ve introduced a large work load. This means more calories burned in a shorter amount of time. Plus the fat burning and cardio effects are amplified greatly. So, beyond just being a time saver by combining exercises, compound exercises offer better overall results for strength, power, endurance and stamina.

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Most exercise enthusiasts lean toward isolation exercises and there are some clear differences between isolation exercises and compound exercises. Ultimately it’s up to you and your personal trainer (if you have one) to figure out what will work best for your specific goals.




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