4 Things You Can Do at Work to Reduce Soreness

Reduce Soreness at Work

If you have an office job you know what it’s like to feel sore at work. By following my basic list of 4 things you can do to reduce soreness and stiffness at work you’ll feel much better at the office. Humans really aren’t meant to be sitting down most of the day.

My list of ways to reduce soreness at work applies to exercise soreness. The tips below help after a tough personal training session or tough resistance workout.

If you have other soreness, not related to exercise, and you’re not sure why it’s time to see your doctor.

In addition to my list I’d strongly suggest looking into a standing work station. A standing desk is ideal but if you have to remain sitting follow my list below for some relief.

4 Ways to Knock Out Soreness and Tightness at Work

1) hydrate – keep a high quality BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free water bottle with you at all times. I recommend Hydro Flask ( hydroflask.com ).

Remember to drink water throughout the day even if you don’t feel thirsty.

2) stay loose – laying on the floor and using a foam roller at work may be out of the question. Instead consider using a hand-held roller to

break up soreness and loosen tight muscles.

3) improve posture and straighten your back – humans are not meant to sit at a desk in front of a monitor for hours on end. If you’re stuck in

front of a computer for most of your work day you need to focus on posture. While sitting remember to keep your back straight, don’t slouch.

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You can also set a schedule (every 1 to 2 hrs) to stand with your back completely flat against a wall for 1 to 2 minutes at a time.

4) keep your neck loose and relaxed – every few hours roll your head in circles at least 20 times in each direction. Believe it or not some

people swear they sleep better on nights when they’ve done neck rolls throughout the day.

BONUS TIP: stretching, only after a warm up – we always think of stretching as the best way to reduce soreness but you’ll need to get warm first. I’ve mentioned in other posts that you need to avoid cold stretching. Your best bet: when you arrive at work take the stairs if possible, even if you don’t need to use stairs to get to your work station. Use steps for at least seven minutes, preferably going up at least half the time.

Now you’re warm and ready to stretch at your desk and freak out your co-workers…who cares!

I mentioned using a standing desk, which is gaining popularity for office workers. The benefits of using a standing desk prove this is not just a fad, it’s backed by science.

Stay Loose!


Jed Miller

Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Blogger and all around fitness and health nut. In addition to highly personalized fitness training, JM has worked in health club management as well as corporate wellness.

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