Should I exercise on an empty stomach?

Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

Train Hungry or Load Up Before Workouts?

There have been, since the first days of body building or fitness training, discussions whether you should eat before a work out or not. And almost with any question concerning fitness this answer highly depends on your body. There’s no exception to that rule when wondering Should I exercise on an empty stomach?

Studies have proven that intermittent fasting can help to build lean muscle and increase fat burning during a workout. Moreover, to exercise on an empty stomach increases the effect of the post workout meal. However, not all of us are made to waive a meal easily and thus you should not start to enforce meal skipping on yourself. Create a meal plan that accounts to your workouts. Therefore you do not end up eating immediately before a workout. Because this in return might end with slowing down your performance or make you feel nauseous. Similarly many people reported to feel nauseous whenever they exercise on an empty stomach. In general our body knows and tells us what he needs, so we have to be aware of our body’s signals.


If you do eat before your pump leave time to digest

We recommend for our clients when they eat before a workout to eat at least an hour in advance. So your body can digest and thus profit from the energy intake. Furthermore we do not want to encourage you to skip a meal just because it might increase your fat burning. Part of being fit and healthy is to have a well-balanced diet and a regular calorie intake on a daily basis.

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Optimize your plan

Need help to figure out what is the best for your training? Let a fitness professional take a look at your schedule. A personal trainer can help you optimize your training and help you to reach your goals. Request your free trial today and benefit for your health and fitness.

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