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Why Organic is Safest

Why Organic Can Save Your Life

If you’re wondering why organic crops are clearly more than just a fad let’s look at the facts: The EPA has haphazardly approved a long list of pesticides before extensive…
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Nutrition Rules for Weight Loss

Nutrition Rules & Tricks

If you’ve ever experienced Level 9 Long Beach personal training or HIIT Long Beach workouts you know following nutrition rules will have a plays a huge role in fitness results…
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Protein Supplements - You Need More Protein

Protein Supplements

People ask me about protein supplements all the time.  The fact is we all need protein (in one form or another) in our daily nutritional intake.  If you’re exercising you…
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Kale - King of Greens

Kale – King of Greens

Kale has always been very popular among “Health Nuts” but lately I’ve seen a huge surge of Kale Freaks that otherwise might never eat any leafy greens. Why is Kale…
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Fat Burning Techniques - Long Beach CA Personal Trainers

Fat Burning Tips

Let’s face it, most people joining a boot camp or personal training want the best fat burning tips to reduce body fat, lose weight and tone up. And there is…
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