Intermittent Fasting + Extended Fasting Experiences


In my last email and blog post about fasting benefits I made some major corrections about my long-time stance on daily grazing vs fasting and feasting.

I promised I’d provide statements from Level 9 clients’ fasting experiences which you’ll see below.

But first I want to cover a questions I know is on your mind… what should you eat when you break a fast?

Well, there’s conflicting info all across the interweb and even some of the highest regarded nutrition experts can’t agree.

I’ll never say there’s one clear cut answer for all people, all goals or all body types but…

Ketogenic Diet Pairs Well With Fasting

So here’s what works best for me and most of the people I work with: Ketogenic diet plan is the best solution for a whole lot of people. A properly followed Keto plan can produce these benefits:

  • General fat loss
  • Abdominal fat loss
  • Icreased HDL ‘good’ cholesterol
  • Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Lower blood pressure in some participants
  • Effective against metabolic syndrome
  • Therapeutic for several brain disorders

But again, I’m not saying it’s best for everyone.

Fasting Testimonials & Experiences

I now have 90% of my clients on some type of fasting program (see their experiences below), and the overall results are pretty awesome!

Lynette (23 hour fast + intermittent fasting) After a couple 16 and 18 hour fasts I felt fine and decided to do a 24 hour fast to get me over my plateau. I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I expected. I feel good.

Steve (16 to 18 hours daily) Been doing Keto and personal training for over a year with nice progress in fat loss and muscle gains but had no interest in fasting until recently. Hit a plateau and decided to try it out. Intermittent fasting daily for the past few weeks got me over the hump and back on track losing fat again.

Erin (16 hours daily) It felt like a reset button for my body. I dropped 5 pounds after implementing it 3 times in one week and had more energy overall by the end of the week. I felt like I could really see the results from my training sessions pop after as well.

Jenny (48 hour fast + intermittent fasting) The biggest thing honestly was the sense of accomplishment after two days of fasting. I had some negative mind chatter just like you said I might and I beat it and pushed through. I’m proud of myself. I look better like my body detoxed. My skin looks so healthy so I’m staying on 15 hours fasting.

Donna (49 hour fast + intermittent fasting) During the long one (49 hours) I did get pretty hungry a few times but drinking a lot of water and some tea helped. During and after my 2 day fast I felt way more focused and alert at work. A week later I think I’m still focusing better and getting more done than usual. My energy levels have been really good during all this experimenting. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far.

Alma (44 hour fast) I had noticeable fat loss, increased mental clarity both during and after the fast.

AJ (16 hours daily) After a couple days of intermittent fasting my energy seemed to increase. I lost a few pounds so far.

Kimerie (24 hour fast) My thinking got really clear. I was surprised I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be. I’m doing intermittent fasting for around 16 hours a day now. I though my energy would crash but I’m still feeling good.

You know me, I’ll keep collecting data and keep you up to date with the best possible info and advice.

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