How much water should I drink daily?

How much water should I drink daily

How much water do you really need?

Living in California (HQ of Level 9 Fitness) means warm weather is pretty much a given, even during the winter months the weather is so nice that a short bike ride will heat you up. Especially in this climate the question, how much water does my body need, is really important. When you are exercising on your own or with a personal trainer to be fitter and to have a healthier and strong body the importance of water is probably not new to you and you know besides watching your nutritional intake, with a diet or meal plan, your daily water intake is the most important factor to achieve your goals. As simple as it sounds, we cannot say it often enough. Scientific studies show how much effect the water supply has on our health too.


The rule of thumb that I always tell my clients is to drink about 2 liters of water, about half a gallon, a day even if you’re not feeling thirsty.



The problem is that many people lack a strong feeling of thirst. Despite the trends in designer waters and the current popularity of high alkaline water, studies indicate that about 75% of American citizens have a too low water intake and therefore suffer of water deficiency. Surprising figures considering that in the United States sufficient drinking water supplies are readily available. Take a moment and ask yourself: Do I drink water regularly? Have I ever felt dehydrated during physical activity or in an everyday situation?

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But how much water should I drink?

While most European countries consider 2 to 3 liters of water per day as sufficient American science suggests drinking at least 1 gallon a day which comes up to 3.8 liters. This would mean about 8 half a liter bottles. You might wonder why your body needs so much water or liquid. The answer is the various functions water fulfills in our body. For example during exercise your body uses water to regulate the body’s temperature: sweating. Another indicator are water stations along a race track or the measuring information on many supplements, stating the minimum amount of water needed to reach full effects.


Rule of Thumb: A gallon per day, keeps the doctor away.How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

Current research suggests per 20kg body weight 1 liter of water per day. Thus a person weighing 70kg should drink 3.5 liters water per day. Of course this rule does not incorporate your level of activity and therefore your water intake will vary according to physical activity. If you have struggled to drink enough water daily do not force yourself to drink but increase your water intake day by day. Spread your water intake over the day and avoid large amounts, especially during training or even yoga a full water belly will make you feel nauseous.


The various functions of water in your body

Most people don’t fully understand the various functions of water in the body. The number one reason why we encounter fatigue during daytime can be tracked to a to low water intake. Before you train you should drink 1 or 2 glasses of water and of course supply your body with enough liquid during training. Especially during training your body needs liquid to sweat and keep the body cool but even more important with a higher level of hydration out kidneys function better and to flush out toxins. Although do not down liter after liter as your body will only absorb 0.25 liter of water per 15 minutes and you do not want spend your training running to the restroom. Furthermore water is not only important for muscle activity but also for thinking processes and brain activity.

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Did you know..

..that your body consists to 70-75% of water? Almost every process or activity in and of your body requires water. Besides to keep your muscles and joints moving water is important for your metabolism and further helps to reduce blood thickening so the nutrient and oxygen transport can be carried out without problems. And this is why the question how much water should I drink is so important for everybody. Keep in mind that diet sodas or any kind of soft drink should not count especially when you are training for a healthier body.


Take charge of your health and fitness!

If you want to achieve your fitness and health goals you should keep 3 things in mind. Combine the right (for you right) diet/meal plan with your workouts and make sure that you drink enough water every day. Any questions left? Ask a professional and request your free trial today and learn from your personal trainer what it takes to change to a healthy lifestyle. Together you can achieve anything as long as you try.





Laura Neumeister

Originally from Weyhe Germany and fluent in three languages, Laura is a world traveler, freelance author & journalist, currently blogging for Level 9 Fitness in Long Beach California.

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