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No risk. No Hassle. No pressure to buy. Just an amazing 1-on-1 workout.

Level 9 Outdoor Personal Trainer Jed Miller is proud to offer Long Beach residents the chance to exercise outdoors, on a training program designed for extreme results FAST.  Level 9 personal trainer services are in high demand because the Level 9 Fitness System system truly works when followed correctly. Long Beach is the perfect place for outside workouts with your personal trainer. Most sessions are held at Livingston Park in the 90803 area of Belmont Shore. Outdoor personal training programs are designed specifically for each client based on their goals and abilities. A Level 9 trainer will design your customized exercise program. You’re in good hands with L9. Our 1-on-1 outdoor programs are available in Belmont Shore, Belmont Heights and we’re always open to suggestions about other locations. To set up your first outdoor personal training session contact us today! We’ll get your program started ASAP!

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training has seen an insane increase in popularity since 2010. While we didn’t invent HIIT we definitely have been utilizing this fast pace results producing style for years, even before it was the coolest thing on social media.

HIIT is suited best for those who are injury free and able to sustain a high heart best without complications. Simply Put: HIIT isn’t the right choice for everyone.

HIIT Long Beach CA

Level 9 Long Beach High Intensity Interval Training offers a massive bang for your buck. 30 minute sessions, structured precisely for you, the 1-on-1 HIIT personal training client. For about half the cost of traditional hour long personal training you get personalized HIIT interval fat burning workouts for extremely fast results. HIIT is the fastest way to achieve fat brning, sculpting and toning results. HIIT is generally not recommended for those with injuries, where careful slow movements may be required. Intense interval training is a great fit for clients with a history of athletics but motivated newbies can survive and eventually thrive.

Group Exercise Fitness Classes & Boot Camp

Boot Camp Long Beach CA

If you prefer an outdoor group fitness class, from beginner to extreme boot camp style workouts with others in a small group setting we’ve got you covered. Joining a Group Fitness Class with Jed Miller is a sure fire way to get in shape quick. Level 9 includes Long Beach group exercise classes in the personal trainer services because we know individual training isn’t always in the budget. Jed knows boot-camp training first hand, having served an enlistment in the US Army, finishing with top marks in physical fitness and combat readiness. Group training offers great flexibility in scheduling and you can pay as you go. Attend scheduled open-enrollment group sessions or assemble a group of co-workers or friends who share your goals. To request a group training time and day contact Jed Miller. Group fitness training sessions are a challenging, fun and affordable training option for people of all fitness levels. To learn more about Group Fitness Exercise Classes in Long Beach or to request time and date for a group you’ve assembled contact L9 today!  Level 9 Boot Camps in Long Beach offer awesome total body workouts at an unbeatable price! Our Boot Camp clients are always up for a new challenge and they love being instructed by Jed Miller, someone who has experience the real US Army Basic Training Boot Camp. Boot Camps by Level 9 in Long Beach are designed to challenge every client who joins us. These workouts are suitable for advanced exercisers. For an awesome challenge try boot camps in Long Beach CA at Level 9.

In Home Personal Fitness Training (Including Apartment & Condo Gyms)

In Home Personal Training Long Beach CA

L9 Long Beach In Home Personal Training is a fantastic way to get fit without having to leave the comfort of your own home in order to exercise. If you’re too busy to go to your health club or gym three to six times per week you need L9. If you feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done this training option is ideal for you. Level 9 makes life easier by coming to your home for personal training. We also provide apartment and condo personal training in Long Beach. You’ll be able to feel and look your best while saving your valuable time by exercising in your home.

Partner Fitness Training (2 Person Max)

Partner Fitness Training - Long Beach CA

Partner Fitness Training is a great way to stay motivated to work out by starting a program with a friend, lover, co-worker or anyone you think will be fun to exercise with.  Couples and partner training is also a great way to spend less money than individual personal training while still getting mind blowing results.  Partner programs offer a much higher level of personalization than group exercise classes and fitness boot camps.

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Jed Miller - Long Beach CA Personal Trainer

Level 9 Personal Training is so much more than a personal training company. I created L9 to further pursue my passion for helping people live more healthy, energized lives. Level 9 is as much about fitness as it is about the mind-body connection. I know from experience that a strong mind and a fit body are one in the same. My studies and professional experience have taught me to always be aware and in-tune with my body. Passing this understanding on to others is my mission.

Simply put: anyone with the desire to make a positive change in their health and fitness can and will succeed if their desire is strong enough. When a person fails to reach their goals one common factor can almost always be attributed to their failure. That factor is a lack of information and support from others.

Jed Miller  |  Fitness Professional

Helpful Advice: Always make sure you are in good health before starting a Long Beach Personal Training or Boot Camp program. It is very important for you to know your limitations before you begin a group exercise class. Remember to stretch your muscles properly after a warm up and also after a fitness training or boot camp session to help avoid injury and reduce soreness. Soreness will most likely be at its worst after your first few sessions. This is normal. Proper nutrition will help you achieve a higher level of results for weight loss in Long Beach than exercise and personal training alone. If you have questions about nutrition and fat loss seek the services of a Nutritionist or ask your doctor. Results may vary by person, by instructor and by boot camp program. If you are new to fitness and you’re planning to join a group exercise class make sure your instructor knows that you have very little experience with exercise. In some cases modifications may be used in order to increase your safety and to gradually introduce your body to complex movements and exercises.

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