3 REASONS WAIST TRAINERS ARE A WASTE Plus Learn What You Should Be Doing Instead

3 Reasons Waist Trainers are a Waste

Despite the obvious 3 reasons waist trainers are a waste they’ve become the new ‘it trend’ that everyone seems to be jumping on. I’ve seen them everywhere, at the gym, outside the gym and all over social media. I can usually spot one a mile away. This subtle waist cinching apparatus really isn’t so subtle. It’s basically a corset rebranded. Waist trainers tightly cinches at your abdomen, intended to give the illusion of a smaller and slimmer waistline.

Everyone from the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Ciara and others swear by it thus making its use widespread, regardless of how uncomfortable and even harmful the waist trainer can be.


Waist training is the exact same age old practice of corset training and does not replace the need to exercise or hire a professional for goal specific personal training to slim the mid-section naturally.

As far back as the 1500s women have used the corset hoping it will give them a slim waist line with accentuated curves.

Below you’ll learn 3 reasons waist trainers are a waste.

Waist Trainer is a Corset Re-branded


3 Reasons You Should NOT Use Waist Trainers


1  Waist trainers offer short term, often unflattering results, they simply don’t train anything – Those looking for a quick fix or a body hack are surely tempted to join the waist trainer fad. Unfortunately, based on reviews all over the internet the majority of feedback from overweight women said they saw an undesirable result from wearing a waist trainer. These women, who had a high concentration of fat around their abdomen, saw that the corset would push that fat down into an accentuated pouch shape right under their waist but above their panty line. Very unflattering to say the least! Once the waist trainer would be undone and off, the fat would just go right back to where it was before. Zero ‘training’ or permanent reshaping occurs. Therefore the ‘results’ are very short term. They are only present when wearing the waist trainer, once it’s off the results are gone and done.

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2  Waist trainers can actually inhibit your ability to exercise correctly – The idea of wearing a corset or waist trainer during exercise should seem like a ridiculous idea to anyone with an ounce of common sense. But hey, we all know shortcuts can be tempting.

Something that restricts your ability to breath properly certainly shouldn’t be in your gym bag or on your body during a tough workout, right? Unfortunately some waist trainer manufacturers and retailers are actually marketing the reinvented antique device as a workout add-on, or dare I say a fitness accessory.

In addition to restricted breathing you’re limiting your motion if you exercise while wearing a waist trainer.

The support from the corset restricts some of the use of the core muscles; if those muscles aren’t stimulated, they will lose the strength and tone they once had.

According to Michael A. Gleiber, M.D.



3  Waist trainers are bad for your inner body – Aesthetically, the waist trainer may be appealing as a quick-fix to a long term problem. However, the inner body sight is anything but appealing. Just like corsets, waist trainers apply a lot of pressure around your abdomen area. This is where many important organs are situated, such as your liver, kidneys, large and small intestine, and stomach. When cinching the waist smaller and tighter, the waist trainer is tightly squeezing all these organs together in an unhealthy way.There have also been many cases of women passing out because they just can’t breathe in them, they’re that tight! When you inhale, your lungs must expand, however a waist trainer can make this difficult resulting in shortness of breath, light-headedness and fainting. And even if one can still manage to breathe regularly, the amount of pressure applied makes for a very uncomfortable experience. If you have to go through this much pain and risk, for very short results, then what is the point?

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Ditch the Waist Trainer & Exercise for a Slimmer Mid-Section

I wouldn’t call the waist trainers movement a fitness trend because it really has nothing to do with fitness.

Fitness encompasses well-being through physical activity and proper nutrition. In contrast, waist training just focuses on the aesthetic side of one’s body. Therefore, this trend is one to dodge, because it has no actual long term results, can be risky and because there are so many better alternatives out there.

Exercise Instead of Waist Trainer

There are many methods out there to get a smaller waistline that will give long term results. It’s very simple, exercise and eat healthy. You could start by selecting from our picks of the 3 best home workout programs or simply start slow, with daily walks around the block.

There are a vast amount of exercises to work out your core and make it stronger. The abdomen houses a set of muscles, the external oblique muscles, internal oblique muscles and rectus abdominis. Think of these muscles as your body’s corset and work to make them stronger and firmer.

It’s been proven that the growth of muscle tissue requires the burning of calories, even when at rest. And burning calories is what is needed to do to lose weight. Spot training isn’t possible though, if you lose weight you lose its all over, which really isn’t a bad thing. This just means that you will achieve slimmer thighs, arms, hips along with your smaller waist. Adopting fitness into your lifestyle results in so many benefits, there is no way you can go wrong on this route. Save time and money by avoiding this useless contraption and look into fitness instead.



Please stop ripping people off and putting them in real danger. Design a real, useful, safe fitness apparatus or gadget or whatever and I’ll be happy to promote the heck out of it.






Bianca Reyes

Level 9 Fitness member & guest blogger

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