3 Best Home Workout Programs

3 Best Home Workout Programs

Fitness is everywhere. It’s on your phone, on your TV, even at your job. Everywhere you look there’s a new workout program, a new diet or a new gadget that promises you dramatic results. We’re going to look at the best 3 best home workout programs including one at-home exercise resource that’s absolutely free.

Best Home Workouts – Past, Present & Future

At-home workout TV shows and videos have been around since the days of ‘The Godfather of Fitness’ Jack LaLanne. Everyone has seen the clips of Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons exercise movies from decades past.

In the past decade, interest in at-home workouts has really exploded. DVDs, YouTube channels, and interactive gaming consoles like Wii Fit are on the rise. High demand means better quality, more targeted and personalized home workout programs, year after year.

The next generation of home workouts will most certainly blow our minds- Keep an eye out for hologram personal trainers.


We all know the ultimate solution is to hire the best personal trainer money can buy, but that’s not the only way to get in shape.


3 Best Home Workout Programs & Resources

1  P90X / P90X2 / P90X3

P90X Home Workout Program

COST:  Around $120 for each base kit, equipment will cost extra

Topping the list of 3 best home workout programs is P90X (Power 90 Extreme) by Tony Horton. This 90-day home workout program utilizes muscle confusion training, and incorporates body weight exercises, weight training, resistance bands and a dose of yoga & pilates. The P90 programs by Tony Horton first hit the market over a decade ago and sales have soared ever since. The P90X family of programs offer a structured routine and a basic education in exercising for results.

P90X has become a household name, although when people ask me about it they often say PX90 or 90PX. It’s famous because it works. Well done Tony.
There are currently three versions:

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The P90X Versions:
P90X – 90-days muscle confusion, a very complete program. The only people it doesn’t work for are those who do not follow it correctly. Follow the calendar provided by Tony and do every single workout on every day you’re supposed to. If you only do it when you feel like it what’s the point?
P90X2 – X2 is designed for those who have successfully completed P90X a few times and want to take it up a notch. Repeating the original P90X multiple times can invite a plateau in results. X2 is the answer to that very legitimate concern. Do not start here, even if you think you can handle it.
P90X3 – X3 is a 30-minute version of the original program. It can definitely still produce great results, despite the shorter workouts.




2  Shaun T’s Insanity

Insanity Home Workout Program

COST:  Around $120

Insanity claims to be “the hardest workout ever put on DVD” and I will back up that bold statement. If you’re injury free and already in decent to good shape Insanity can reshape you better than anything else on the market today. Results with this program don’t come easy but if you make it through the entire program according to the plan you’re a true champion.

Insanity is a super tough plyometric based workout program. This is NOT for beginners, no matter what the infomercial says. When beginners start with Insanity more often than not they become overwhelmed and quit, only to leave the program on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Or worse, beginners and those starting in poor shape often over-train and incur injuries.

Insanity is all about plyo, so if jumping or extreme cardiovascular stress is out of the question for you (previous injuries, heart problems, post-natal issues, etc.) avoid this program at all cost.

Use good judgement here and start with P90X if you’re new to fitness or have been out of the game for a while.

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3  Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender Home Workout Program


Most video and streaming workout programs have an emphasis on time-saving routines, such as interval training, super-sets, split-sets, compound exercises and pyramids. The makers know there’s a reason you’re exercising at home and not spending an hour in the gym every day.

FitnessBlender is far less structured than the other two programs covered here. It’s less of a program and more of a free resource. You can select awesome workouts daily, from basic beginner workouts to insanely challenging HIIT workouts. Using a YouTube channel like FitnessBlender means you’ll have to stay totally motivated and design your own workout calendar.

If you’re going to use YouTube for workouts you’re certainly not limited to FitnessBlender. There are plenty of high quality workouts online. Take total responsibility for your own success. Keep moving forward. If you select a workout that’s too difficult do not quit, pick another one.



Pick the Best Home Workout Program for You

Best Home Workout Programs

Sadly, companies will always value profit over consumers’ health, so whatever they may be putting out may or may not be effective or safe. It’s important to pick a program to match your goals, physical condition when starting out, your abilities, and your timeline to meet your goals


In addition to the 3 best home workout programs and resources mentioned above there are tons of other great home workout options available. Are you a beginner trying to start a more active lifestyle? Try Jillian Michaels: The Complete Workout for beginners. Do you hate doing traditional cardio workouts? Then try Turbo Jam. Are you an expecting woman looking to stay active during your pregnancy? Well guess what, there are DVDs out there specifically for you too. Whoever you are, whatever fitness level you’re in, and whatever goals you have, there is a workout to target your need to guide you visually through its program. And besides, they’re all done in the comfort of your own home! That means no gym fees, no daily commute and no excuses!






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