Number One Fat Burning Food You Need to Eat

Number One Fat Burning Food Red Quinoa

Increase Your Fat Burning Results with this Super Food

When it comes to nutrition and especially to fat burning, we love to simply have a list of foods we should eat. However life is not easy and same goes for nutrition. There are various foods that benefit different parts of your diet. But what is the number one fat burning food you need to eat? What could be the ultimate superfood? Well, the answer is simple: there is not just one. However, there are foods that benefit your weight loss goals with their nutrients.


Number One Fat Burning Food Red Quinoa
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Instead of suggesting you to cross out some essential part from your diet as some diet plans suggest, we encourage you to find yourself a well-balanced meal plan that covers your needs. Any diet plan that aims at weight loss should cover rich protein sources, foods that contain fiber and help you to feel satisfied and full after a meal and consequently benefit your fat burning. There are many whole grain foods that actually benefit your diet, but as trend goes towards low carb diets the number one fat burning food you should consider for your diet is quinoa.


Why Exactly is Quinoa the Number One Fat Burning Food?

First of all quinoa is a protein rich seed and contains all 8 amino acids that your body needs to function properly. Thus adding quinoa to your meal plan would add a natural vegetarian source of protein to your diet. Furthermore, the fiber content of quinoa is high (17-27 grams per cup) and thus if you are not a fan of fibe

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r bars or fortified cereals you should consider quinoa. Quinoa contains a fifth of your daily fiber intake which gets better, as quinoa based recipes are

filled with other fiber containing foods like black beans. In addition, quinoa is high in magnesium, iron and phosphorus which are essential minerals for muscle, brain and heart function. In comparison to other grains quinoa which technically is a seed, has a better B vitamin profile, and therefore benefits your health and possibly works anti-inflammatory, too.

The list goes on and on. For a complete list of the benefits of Quinoa for your diet check out:


Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is the number one fat burning food that will benefit your diet in many ways. The fiber will help your body burn unneeded fat and help you eat less by making you feel fuller longer. Consequently you will eat less and stop overeating and improve your digestion, too. Immediate results are a bonus as through eating more regularly and smaller portions will make you feel lighter. In addition many diet plans tell you to not eat bread or to avoid wheat and grains. Because of quinoa’s seed status, quinoa bread is an optimal compensation.

This is probably not what you expected however, quinoa is a number one food for fat burning which should be part of any meal plan. Further as a basis it can be combined with other foods that benefit fat burning as for example: tomatoes, broccoli, jalapenos or lean meats. Therefore quinoa is the perfect food for weight-loss efforts and fitness training, making it the number one fat burning food and the top choice of health conscious people everywhere.

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