Do Fit People Have Better Sex? Better Sex Through Fitness

Better Fitness for Better Sex

Ever wondered if better fitness means better sex? Being in good physical condition has plenty of obvious advantages but should great sex be at the top of the list?

You most likely already know how important exercise is. Sure, it’s good for the obvious reasons (we’ve covered elsewhere in our health & fitness blog) but maybe there’s one you haven’t yet considered.

Let’s talk about sex. Physical activity was approved by scientific studies to increase and improve the sexual performance of humans. In other words, physically active people have a better shot at having good sex.

One of the reasons for these results is that with increased physical activity we reach a new level of self-perception. Even though we do not reach our ultimate goals instantly, the psychological effect of “I am training” or

“I am fit” should not be underestimated for what it can do to our own body awareness.

Although studies showed that the effect on self-perception is more extensive for men as it is for women, because women who train extensively (5-7 days) tend to have a more negative self-perception or more body issues. However, it is clear that those who feel they are in physically bad shape also think that they are not sexually attractive similar for women and men (

Living Fitness is Beneficial on Many Levels

Living a fitness-lifestyle with regular exercise may it be running, weight lifting, working with the best personal trainer or in a boot camp, can improve your sex life on several levels. For instance, improved muscle tone can increase your sexual gratification since orgasms build upon multiple muscle activities. However, the relationship between physical fitness and sexual performance is not the only factor that may increase our sexual pleasure. In general many studies acknowledge a good exercise program, combined with good eating habits, smoking cessation and enough sleep and rest, with positively effecting sexual performance for people of all ages.

Fact is that regular exercise will tone your body and boost your circulation. Good blood flow is the key to a more radiant appearance but also improves arousal and sexual excitement. Furthermore exercising can relieve mental stress, which is especially for women beneficial as the sexual performance is often related to our mind-set. In addition through the release of the hormone oxytocin we gain a feeling of calmness. Thus we are more relaxed and content with ourselves ( The release of endorphins during exercise loosens mental tension and leaves us with the feeling of positive energy. Moreover, endorphins do not only make us feel great, but prime the release of sex hormones such as testosterone, improving your libido (

How Sex Benefits Our Fitness

In reverse sexual activity has a positive effect on our workout performance. Since exercising influences our circulation, sexual activity has a positive effect on our blood flow, too. Further an active sex life will boost our confidence as it lowers our stress level and improves our self-perception and confidence. Furthermore sexual activity has a positive influence on our immune system which in return gives us more opportunity to maximize our training. Finally the no-pain momentum during sex will improve your general pain tolerance during workouts. Thus we are able to endure muscle burn even more and longer than before.

Therefore being physical active will increase and improve our sexual performance. As sex is similarly physical and mental, our self-image is important on a physical and an emotional level for our sex-life ( Better fitness for better sex is yet another reason to change from our bad unhealthy habits to a more active lifestyle. And most importantly to be healthier and fit is not so much about looking according to fashion or society standards. But looking and feeling healthy will increase your self-esteem and thus make you feel more attractive, sexually and in general for yourself and others.

We Can Help, the Rest is Up to You

Although we are not in charge of your sex life at Level 9 Fitness, we can help on the other end – Fitness. Maybe this is the final reason you needed to make a step to a more active and healthy live. And you do not have to walk this path alone. Request a free trial and discover with the assistance of a personal trainer or in a group, what it means to be active and how a well balanced meal plan looks. Get a head start for 2015 and start to earn the body you deserve today.


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Laura Neumeister

Originally from Weyhe Germany and fluent in three languages, Laura is a world traveler, freelance author & journalist, currently blogging for Level 9 Fitness in Long Beach California.

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