OLYMPIX GYM Long Beach CA – Still Under Construction (as of 8/2016)

Olympix Gym Long Beach Health Club Opening Soon

When it comes to construction projects nothing ever seems to be finished on time and Olympix Gym Long Beach CA is no exception to the rule.

Although the build-out is still far from done you can already get an Olympix Gym membership with their pre-sale offers.

With a Summer 2016 Grand Opening planned Olympix Fitness Long Beach premium health club has already missed their original deadline- and not by a few nails or a coat of paint.

It’s hard to be sure about exactly what they’ll have to offer but the community seems to be buzzing with excitement.

Developer Kurt Schneiter was quoted by the Gazettes saying “We should be open this summer” referring to summer 2016. Now that the original deadline has passed what’s the new opening date? Nobody seems to know for sure.

After delays, including zoning issues having to do with the impact the rooftop patio might have on local bird nesting, the construction area at 4100 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach CA, is still moving forward…slowly. There’s still quite a bit of construction required before the new Belmont Shore upscale gym is anywhere close to ready.

Olympix Gym is just what Belmont Shore Needs: a truly premium gym

Anyone who’s willing to forgo the gym tour experience and traditional sales pitch can join Olympix right away by calling 310-409-3732. The pre-sale offers might change as Olympix gets closer to their grand opening so I can’t quote an exact rate.

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The closest competition is the Belmont Athletic Club on 2nd St so for the sake of comparison and healthy competition let’s hope Olympix costs under $80/month.

What Can We Expect from Olympix Gym?

Working with Long Beach personal training clients I’ve gathered some info but nobody knows exactly what to expect. I can safely say Olympix Long Beach will be a high-end gym or health club. This should serve the affluent Belmont Shore community quite well.

While the closest competitor is the Belmont Athletic Club it looks like the two gyms won’t have much in common. Belmont Athletic Club (BAC) is in a prime location and has some nice amenities but it has a reputation for always feeling a bit dated, even after multiple remodel efforts. I’ve also been told by over a dozen people (BAC members and former members) the BAC struggles to keep a full-time personal training staff. I don’t have much info on their actual personal training metrics but I expect Olympix to capitalize on Belmont Shore’s growing demand a vibrant, hip fitness center with top-tier personal trainers.


11 year Long Beach resident, former BAC member had this to say about her Belmont Shore gym options:

The Belmont (Athletic Club) just seems to draw in the older crowd and a lot of the members kind of act entitled. There was pretty much always a stagnant, lifeless feel to the place no matter what time I would go in. So, we’re obviously excited about Olympix.


You can definitely expect Olympix to pull out all the stops when it comes to equipment, layout and design. Olympix Gym’s most famous attribute is the rooftop patio- which is not even fully built yet. There’s lots of chatter about this place.

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Looks like they’re in the upper class of high-end gyms like Equinox. I’ll be there when the doors eventually open and I’ll post updates as I learn more. It looks like there will be no gyms in Long Beach offering the same level of design and space. Let’s hope the Olympix staff is amazing as well.

Space-wise 24 Hour Fitness on Bellflower Blvd might be close to the same square footage as Olympix. The difference will be less about actual space and more about how they use it.


Parking and other questions about Olympix Gym

Parking in Belmont Shore can be pretty difficult. The block Olympix gym is situated on is already lacking parking for patrons of Chuck’s Diner and the beach. It’s possible gym goers will have to park in the beach lot next door but I have no info on this yet. Hopefully Olympix membership holders will walk to the gym instead of driving if they live close enough. Who knows, in SoCal everyone drives everywhere.

It would be great if Olympix offered a big lock up area for bikes. We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more! In the mean time come see me for an outdoor personal training session. or boot camp class here in Long Beach California.




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