AB WORKOUT ROUTINE // 9 Minute Ab Blast

Ab Workout Routine

Here’s the deal about this AB Workout Routine: You’re going to blast the abs + entire core for the entire 9 minutes, so it’s going to take 12 minutes including rest between rounds.

Take this seriously. Do it right and you will feel the burn big time.

You may be wondering are ab workouts effective to lose body fat?  Abdominal workouts are definitely part of the bigger picture. You need to work your whole body to reduce body fat and show off your rock hard middle from this ab workout routine.


Ab Workout Routine Instructions

Do the exercises below for 1 minute each. 3 rounds. 1 minute rest between rounds. If you become so exhausted you can not continue any of the exercises rest for 5 seconds then continue. DO NOT QUIT.


BASIC CRUNCH – hands interlaced behind your head, knees up, feet planted.

PLANK (elbows and toes) – if you’re already able to plan for 1 minute with ease add continuous reps of alternating single leg raise (see top pic).

BOAT – if you can already boat for 1 minute with ease add a continuous core twist. If that’s no problem add weight.

Do Ab Workouts for Progress, Not Perfection

Once you complete this ab workout routine you’ll have a baseline, a starting point and a way to gague progress. It’s okay if you gave 100% and still had to break a few times (or more). You’ll see steady progress if you stick with it. If you’re wondering how often to work abs it really depends on what type of ab workout routine you’re doing.

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Watch out for frustration. If you feel you can’t complete the ab workout routine here’s what I suggest:

Give yourself a pep talk. I CAN, I WILL, I AM

Say it and mean it during the workout. Make it true.




Jed Miller

Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Blogger and all around fitness and health nut. In addition to highly personalized fitness training, JM has worked in health club management as well as corporate wellness.

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