3 Foods You MUST Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

Foods to Avoid

The extensive marketing of health destructive foods is the culprit for the majority of obese people in the world today. Correctly identifying foods to avoid is tough because of deceptive marketing strategies.

The corrupt food companies willingly and knowingly fool people. As a matter of fact the majority of foods labeled with crafty words like healthy choice, fat free, smart and simple, etc are processed with binders, chemicals and fillers. Fake Food. Frozen meals labeled as real meat are required to use only a small percentage of actual meat. The rest is usually a lab created soy based science project.

If you’re not downright mad at this point READ ON.

Junk foods packed with trans fats, fructose corn syrup and refined carbohydrates have become a major part of every meal for the majority of Americans. Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight, according to NIDDK statistics.

Some diet plans break a few rules listed below. A Keto Diet, for instance, is actually a high fat, low carb diet and follows a slightly different set of DOs and DON’Ts. But the Ketogenic approach still calls for fresh cooked meals and only a limited amount of processed foods such as bacon.

SKYROCKET WEIGHT LOSS: Know Which Foods to Avoid

You should always take in nourishing foods, as opposed to empty calories. Only focusing on calorie count, without giving enough attention to the level of nutrition can cause major problems in the long run. I’m actually not a big fan of Weight Watchers for this very reason. WW keeps your attention mostly on numbers. This means you can have 1200 calories of cake for breakfast, starve for the rest of the day and still call it a win. WHAT? You’re not leaning any long term nutrition planning skills on a program like that. I do have to mention I like the support group concept used by Weight Watchers and other similar programs. For some people support can make the difference of success or failure in a weight loss program.

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While you’re on any diet your number one priority should be learning as you go. When you follow a diet correctly and continually learn about the plan you’re on the skills you develop will stick with you forever. If your only focus is hitting a certain weight loss goal and then ditching the diet you’ll continue to yo-yo diet your whole life.

THE RUNDOWN: Top 3 Foods to Avoid

If you’re serious about losing weight, getting healthy and keeping the extra pounds off steer clear of these three foods below. You’ll also need to stay committed to making lifestyle changes long-term. Finding the right weight loss meal plan means discovering what works for you. Your weight loss plan can evolve as you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

Frozen Foods & Processed Meats are a NO-GO

Ditch all frozen meals. The freezer section in the grocery store must be avoided at all cost. The only exception to this rule is a small group of frozen options labeled ‘frozen fresh’ from Trader Joe’s, Whole Food or similar stores. For more than 30 years grocery stores have jammed their freezers full of frozen meals. Don’t be fooled by clever packaging and catchy slogans. Often times a frozen food company will call their foot something like Healthy Dinner Delights. Check the back of the box of one of these meals and you’ll see a whole lot of sodium and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Sure, some have low calories but they also have fillers, binders and chemicals you should never put in your body.

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Go Easy on Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages have no nutrients but are high in calories. Empty calories aren’t doing your body any favors. Alcohol is broken down in the liver to fatty acids which are accessible for storage within the liver eventually leading to liver disease and cirrhosis. People often tell me they’re doing good by ordering mixed alcoholic drinks because they’re getting fruit juice in their cocktail. Think again. The majority of fruit juices contain high fructose corn syrup. More empty calories. We don’t even know for sure what the extent of damages of high fructose corn syrup can be. Cocktails, with or without juice are a no-go if you want to be healthy.

Lay off the Condiments

There are so many fake butters on the market but guess what- Real butter is your best bet. From a young age we’re programmed to believe butter is bad. Simply not true, especially compared to margarine spreads. In addition to avoiding fake butter watch out for the average grocery store ketchups and mustards. They’re crammed with trans fats made during the manufacturing process. Beware of the latest marketing strategies of some condiment companies claiming their product is made with Omega 3 fats. These fats are unhealthy once processed and certainly offer no benefit to you.

Become a Sensible Skeptic

Start food shopping with a watchful eye. Once you fully understand how incredibly shady the food industry is you’ll avoid marketing tricks, misleading labeling and unhealthy food options. Eat organic whenever possible, eat whole foods, avoid processed garbage and live a long, healthy life.






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