4 MAIN CAUSES OF WORKOUT PLATEAU – And Plateau Busters that Really Work

Workout Plateau

Progress in a training program means avoiding the workout plateau. It’s the time when your results come to a halt. Offering your best personal trainer choices means proving plateau-free programs. Some trainers can help you avoid workout plateau but what if you train solo or use workout videos?

Unfortunately you’ll experience workout plateau if you’re repeating the same routine day after day or if you’re using a video series for more than 90 days.


Your body responds better to a progressive, ever changing “routine” far better than a repeated workout program. My M3C Muscle Confusion training method always works because it’s progressive for each individual client and you’ll never repeat the same workout twice. NEVER.  This approach is backed by facts and studies, plus my history of success. If you’re not working with me or another creative Certified Personal Trainer you’ll need to watch out for the possible plateau “brick wall” which is far too common and it can lead to a feeling of frustration and defeat.  Let’s look at the reasons this can happen.

Plateau Reason #1

You’ve Maxed Out Your Capacity for Muscular Stress

When you use a program repeatedly of any type in the gym or outdoor personal training or even videos your muscles will eventually adapt to the stress load and stop responding. This is clearly a workout plateau. At best you’ll avoid a decline in results but you’ll most likely plateau and stay at a certain fitness level without new developments.

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I suggest looking for a program with a Long Beach Personal Trainer or switching between 2 or more video programs for a total of 5 workouts per week.

Plateau Reason #2

You’ve Used Up Your Personal Resources

Being ultra fit can be costly in many ways.  Fitness comes with a cost of an investment of time, energy money, personal discipline and many other resources that may not always be readily available in your life.  I’ve helped an insane number of motivated people over the years to overcome these obstacles and avoid workout plateau. If it’s about money I can help you find the right plan to do on your own.  Just don’t ever tell me it’s about time.  There’s always time to be fit..make the time!

Plateau Reason #3

Go Off Track with a Strict Diet and  Exercise Plan

Most plateaus happen as a result of a narrow range of thinking and planning. A huge part of my job is helping people open up their minds to the idea that proper nutrition is a series of decisions that eventually become habits.  Exercise works the same way.  If you plan on working out at 8am and then you get a call about a sales meeting or last minute chore at work what do you do?  If your thought process is “Darn it I was supposed to work out today, well there’s always tomorrow”  You are doing it all wrong.  What’s your back-up plan?  And do you have the motivation to exercise later in the day?  It’s all on you and if you want results you’ll plan ahead for all types of schedule changes and set backs!.

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Plateau Reason #4

Lack of Progressive Fitness Knowledge

Maybe you know a great workout from when you were in the best shape of your life and you think if you go back to it you’ll have the same results.  Maybe you will until your body adapts to it and then you’ll most definitely plateau.  Or maybe you’re using the same video program over and over.  Same problem, your body will adapt to it and results with quickly slow down as described what to do when you hit a plateau from Nerd Fitness. Videos and repeated duplicate workouts can only take you so far.  Progressive training programs will offer your body new challenges and produce constant results.
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