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As a Long Beach personal trainer my advice about getting prepared for advanced personal training is forget about yesterday. Only today counts.

Earn Your Advanced Personal Training Results

No matter where you’re starting from you’ll be well on your way to achieving results. For to a beginner but it’s important to remember that if you’re new to fitness you’ll be taken through the process step by step by the best personal trainer for you. From your very first session you’ll do great. Imagine yourself progressing quickly and advancing through multiple phases of physical conditioning. We do this for people day in and day out. Plus we help with a meal plan. Each program is designed individually by me, Jed Miller or another highly qualified trainer.


NEVER Over-Train to Advance Quickly

The concept of Level 9 Fitness is to “Find your Level 9”. This applies to 1-on-1 and boot camp sessions. In other words we must all train consistently at a 9 out of 10. This allows safe progression in our fitness level. Training at a 10 out of 10, also known as Over Training, can lead to some pretty undesirable side-effects. Under the strict instruction of your 90803 personal trainer your safety will be the top priority.

Be careful to never over-train. A level 10 is a no-go, especially long term.


  • low energy levels
  • due to a lack of proper healing and recovery
  • weakened immune system
  • insomnia
  • unpredictable cravings and uncontrollable eating habits
  • an increased risk of injury
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Overtraining is no joke. Some people seem convinced “more is always better” but that’s not always the case. Be careful of 7 signs you’re overtraining so you can stay healthy and never over do it.

An advanced personal training program is not for everyone. It’s best for clients who have graduated for a regular personal training program. Or they may need an edge for competitive sports training or CrossFit. Level 9 advanced personal training is the ideal way to step it up.

You Can Be Advanced

Advanced personal training might sound intimidating. Your abilities at the start of your program help determine your plan. All level 9 Fitness Personal Training programs are designed for the individual client. Level 9 Fitness by Jed Miller may be best known for Advanced Personal Training. But there’s a plan for all levels. Anyone can succeed and become advanced.




Jed Miller

Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Blogger and all around fitness and health nut. In addition to highly personalized fitness training, JM has worked in health club management as well as corporate wellness.

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