SQUAT WORKOUT: Simple but not easy

Squat Workout

All you need for this squat workout is 1) to know how to do a proper squat and 2) to exercise the willpower to do the whole workout, even if it’s hard. By using my best personal trainer techniques I’m going to insist you DO NOT QUIT. Do this simple (not easy) squat workout to completion based on your readiness type determined below.

Squat Workout



SQUAT WORKOUT Readiness Types

C – you workout once in a while, whenever you can find the time (if you take your fitness seriously you’ll schedule appointments with yourself or a personal trainer but that’s covered in other fitness articles).
1 TIME all the way through. No quitting allowed.

B – you’re involved in physical fitness activities with or without a trainer 3 to 5 times per week. You train to the point of exhaustion at each workout. You’ve learned to love the endorphin rush that follows a great workout.
CYCLE 3 ROUNDS, 3 minutes between rounds for rest, stretching and hydration.

A – you go hard 4 to 8 times per week (including doubles) with an exercise routine that makes your friends want to puke just hearing about it. You’re 100% addicted to the natural high of a good workout and can’t go a day without the rush.
CYCLE 4 ROUNDS, 2 minutes between rounds for rest, stretching and hydration.


90 body weight squats

20 seconds rest

80 body weight squats

20 seconds rest

(and so on down to 10 squats)

If your readiness level is A or B take your planned rest and keep cycling through accordingly



This workout should not be your only booty shaper. Sure, squats are the best butt lifter exercise but variety is key. Most of us immediately think of a squat workout when we imagine a better booty. There’s some solid proof squat workouts can help you build the butt you desire. You’ll learn from this workout that you don’t always have to follow the old rule of rotation three different exercises for a complete workout. Newer evidence suggests a squat workout like this one, mixed with at least two different types of butt workouts in a given week will yield the best results. You need a long term plan like the 30 day legs and butt shaper by BeFit.

If you’re not sure about making a commitment on your own for 30 days you need to start a personal training program.


Jed Miller

Multi-Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, fitness blogger and all around health and exercise nut. JM has worked in PT, health club management and corporate wellness for leading US pharmaceutical companies.

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